Happy Thanksgiving and Week 12 NFL Picks

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Even though I’m by myself and have to work this Turkey Day, I’m thankful to enjoy another Thanksgiving, even if its away from my family and friends, for whom I’m very thankful. I’m thankful to have my job, good health and good health for my family.

I’m also thankful that I had possibly my best week ever in Week 11(need to double check this) and that there’s only six Eagles games left in this miserable season. I’ll save my full thoughts on them for another post, but yeah, tremendously disappointing year.

Anyway, let’s see if I can keep my hot streak going, starting with the three Turkey Day games.

Last Week 9-2-2

Season: 64-82-6

Eagles at Lions  The Pick: Lions -3   The Eagles couldn’t get their act together one week after the Dolphins loss, what makes me think they will do so on a short week?

Panthers at Cowboys The Pick: Cowboys -1   You know, I hate to do this. But Carolina isn’t going undefeated, so this is as good a time as any for their first loss.

Bears at Packers The Pick: Packers -9  The Bears have been frisky this year, but Green Bay recaptured its mojo last week. I think.

Saints at Texans  The Pick: Texans -3  The rejuvenated Texans??!? Sure why not. I have to see the Saints play decent defense before I pick them again.

Vikings at Falcons The Pick: Vikings +1  Remember when the Falcons were undefeated?  Now they’re just another of the bad teams the Eagles have lost to.

Rams at Bengals  The Pick: Bengals  -9  The Red Rifle should have no trouble with the struggling Rams defense.

Bucs at Colts  The Pick: Colts -3 Somene talk me out of this one. The Colts just keep eeking out wins this year. I see the same on Sunday.

Giants at Redskins  The Pick: Redskins +3 The Giants probably win the NFC East, but the Redskins have been tough at home.

Raiders at Titans  The Pick: Raiders -2 Been a rough stretch for the Raiders but they should win this one.

Bills at Chiefs The Pick: Chiefs -6 Keep it rolling with that fierce defense Big Red.

Dolphins at Jets The Pick: Dolphins +3.5  This one is a:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Chargers at Jaguars The Pick: Jags -3.5 The Jags are decent. Also, I kinda wish the Eagles took A-Rob over Jordan Matthews in last year’s draft.

Cardinals at 49ers The Pick: 49ers +10.5 Arizona should win easily, but the Niners seem to have come competitiveness left in them.

Seahawks at Steelers The Pick: Steelers +3.5   Tough one here, but the Steelers 2nd ranked rush defense should corral the Seahawks running game.

Patriots at Broncos  The Pick: Broncos +3  That’s right, Brock Osweiler over Tom Brady!

Ravens at Browns  The Pick: Browns -3  The Ravens have lost their top four players to injury this year. Terrible luck.









Through Nine Games the Eagles Are Still Bad

I was tempted to go with a headline of “the Eagles are inconsistent,” or “the Eagles are mediocre,” but those would be misleading. Because let’s face it. This team isn’t very good.

Since our last evaluation of the Eagles after a dismal loss to a team they had know business losing to (the Redskins,) the Eagles actually went 3-1. After poor starts, they comfortably beat the defenseless Saints and Giants. Then they lost to the beast team in the NFC, Carolina, a game that was winnable if the Eagles receiving corp hadn’t shown such stunning ineptitude with seven* drop passes. A much-needed bye week was a welcome respite for both the team and the fanbase.

A thrilling overtime win over the Tony Romo-less Cowboys provided more false hope as fans, myself included, wondered if the team had truly turned a corner and were ready to take firm control of the putrid NFC East.

And then the Miami game. The Eagles finally got off to a decent start only to implode over the final three quarters. Turnovers, injuries, weird clock management and play-calling, terrible penalties and offense line play. It was all there on display as the Eagles lost to a team that had 100 percent quit early in that game.

Now Mark Sanchez is back at the helm, once again looking to guide the Eagles to the postseason. We all saw how that went last year. Sanchez does just enough to keep the team in games, but he also does more than enough to make sure your team doesn’t win.

The Eagles have seven games left and I just can’t see them doing anything better than 3-4 or 4-3.

I could not care less whether or not the Eagles make the postseason, because they are clearly a one-and-done entrant.

Let’s make some Week 11 Picks.

Last Week: 6-7


Redskins at Panthers The Pick: Panthers -7 

Raiders at Lions The Pick: Lions +1.5 

Cowboys at Dolphins The Pick: Cowboys -2.5

Colts at Falcons The Pick: Falcons +3.5

Rams at Ravens The Pick: Ravens -2.5 

Jets at Texans  The Pick: Texans +4 

Bucs at Eagles The Pick: Bucs +7 

Broncos at Bears The Pick: Bears +2 

Chiefs at Chargers The Pick: Chiefs -3 

Packers at Vikings The Pick Packers (no line) 

49ers at Seahawks The Pick: 49ers +14 

Bengals at Cardinals The Pick: Cardinals -4.5 

Bills at Patriots  The Pick: Patriots -7 










NFL Week 10 Selections

3-10 Last Week. Let’s skip any semblance of a preamble and just get to the week 10 selections. Despite my horrendous football-picking skills, which again, is why I don’t place money on these games, I’m going to continue like last week never happened.

Season: 49-73-4

Bills at Jets  The Pick: Jets -2.5 I hate taking road teams on Thursday night.

Lions at Packers The Pick: Packers -12 Aaron Rodgers is ANGRY. He might throw six TDs this week.

Cowboys at Buccaneers The Pick: Bucs -1 Dallas’ season is over. They very well could win this game, but I’ll bet on the younger scrappier Bucs. Look for the Cowboys to implode.

Panthers at Titans: The Pick  Panthers -6 Should be an easy victory for the best team in the NFC.

Bears at Rams: The Pick: Bears +7 Was going to take the Rams, but I think the Bears cover here.

Saints at Redskins  The Pick: Redskins +1.5 

Dolphins at Eagles The Pick: Eagles -6.5 Have the real Eagles finally shown up? Hard to say, but I know Miami isn’t very good, so the Eagles should handle the Fins if they want to win the NFC East. This is a crucial and winnable three-game stretch. Plus Miami has the second-worst run defense in football. The Eagles running attack slowly but surely is gaining momentum. Could be a big day for DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews.

Browns at Steelers The Pick: Steelers -5 

Jaguars at Ravens  The Pick: Jags +5.5 

Vikings at Raiders The Pick: Vikings +2.5

Chiefs at Broncos The Pick: Broncos -6 Pissed off Broncos defense against the mediocre(being kind) Chiefs offense? Should be an easy win for Denver even without Aqib Talib.

Patriots at Giants  The Pick: Patriots -7.5  Losing Dion Lewis is a tough blow for New England, but the Giants have the worst pass defense in the NFL. New England has the third best passing offense. They will be fine this week.

Cardinals at Seahawks  The Pick: Seahawks -3  Both teams are coming off a bye, I’ll go with Seattle at home, knowing they need to keep their season alive.

Texans at Bengals  The Pick: Bengals -10.5   Cincy should have no trouble here. Hard to believe this was a playoff matchup back-to-back years not too long ago.

NFL Week 9 Selections

Week 9 is here and the Eagles are back from a much-needed bye week. I’m actually dreading this game, not because the Eagles could very well lose to a Tony Romo-less Cowboys team, but because this team is just so painful to watch. I frankly enjoyed the bye week much more than almost any other Eagles games this year. And watching the 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. games this week will be like a vacation, whereas once the Eagles kickoff around 8:30 or so, it will be like starting work on a Monday.

Who knows, maybe they’ll turn this thing around. But I need to see it to believe it.

Last Week 5-7-1

Season: 46-63-4

Browns at Bengals  The Pick: Browns +11.5  I feel decent that the Browns can cover here, but Cincy should still win easily.

Raiders at Steelers  The Pick: Steelers -4.5  If there’s one team I’ve been right about consistently this season, it’s the Steelers. I’ve nailed their last three games correctly. I think Big Ben shakes off the rust this week and has a good game.

Jaguars at Jets  The Pick: Jets -7.5  Even with a banged up Ryan Fitzpatrick, I’ll take the Jets at home.

Rams at Vikings The Pick: Rams +2  The Vikings were lucky to escape Chicago with a win last week. As long as Foles plays a solid game, St. Louis should win this one.

Dolphins at Bills The Pick: Dolphins +3 I doubt Buffalo rolls Miami like they did in Week 3, despite being at home this week. Miami is clearly not a good team, but one that should be able to beat teams like the Bills.

Titans at Saints  The Pick: Saints -9 The Saints have turned their season around and could be making a Wild Card push. For the Titans, it’s been a long eight weeks since the season opener.

Redskins at Patriots  The Pick: Redskins +14  The garbage time points should be there for the Redskins to cover.

Packers at Panthers The Pick: Panthers +3  If Green Bay was being given points here, I would take them. It’s tough to pick Green Bay to lose two straight, but their offense might not be as good as we thought. For the Panthers, they do just enough to win each week.

Falcons at 49ers  The Pick: Falcons -7  I didn’t feel good about the Falcons getting seven here(they are below average in my opinion) but then I remembered Blaine Gabbert is starting for San Fran now.

Giants at Buccaneers The Pick: Tampa +2.5  Like the Steelers, I’ve been pretty close in most of my picks with the Bucs this year. This should be another ugly. yet entertaining game between two terrible defenses.

Broncos at Colts  The Pick: Colts +6  Don’t ask me why, but I feel like the Colts will score some points on the Broncos elite defense.

Eagles at Cowboys The Pick: Cowboys +3  Look what you’ve done Eagles. I still think you can win by a field goal, but I don’t have much confidence in Chip and Co. at all right now.

Bears at Chargers The Pick: Bears +4  Come someone please explain to me how this game got scheduled for MNF? And why the Chargers are home for another MNF game in the span of a month? I think the ESPN crew begged the NFL to send them to San Diego or something. Maybe Gruden has a house there.

Seven Years Ago, Philadelphia Celebrated A World Champion

2008 was a blip on the radar, rather than a sign of things to come. 


Given the current state of Philadelphia sports, we should be cherish the 2008 Phillies everyday.

The Eagles are a discombobulated mess. The Sixers are in year three of the longest rebuilding phase ever. The Flyers are also rebuilding, but not as drastically. And the Phillies have just started their rebuild a price to be paid after foolishly trying to keep the same championship core I’m about to praise together too long.

When I think about how fast my life is playing out, nothing is more astounding than to hear that the 2008 World Series was SEVEN years ago. It feels like it was yesterday, but when I try to remember that championship parade on Oct 31.2008 my memory is a bit fuzzy,

After watching Brad Lidge strike out Eric Hinske on his notorious slider, I went bananas in East Hall’s Big Onion before making the trek to downtown State College to join for a small but rowdy gathering of Phillies fans. I took the bus home from Penn State the Thursday before the parade, refusing to miss the first Philly sports championship celebration in my lifetime. We drove down in my mom’s old Chevy Venture minivan, the one with the Warner Brothers logo on the passenger side door. Yeah, we had a TV in our car at one point. Baller status?  I think so.


Anyway, the traveling party consisted of myself, my brother, dad, uncle and two cousins. We didn’t really have a plan of where to head to along the parade route. But we did have free tickets to watch the Phillies parade around the Linc with the trophy before they capped the celebration in front of a jam-packed Citizens Bank Park, which we did not have tickets for unfortunately. So we made our way to the sports complex, where we waited. And waited. And waited some more before finally getting a glimpse of the heroes who ended the Championship drought.

The easy memories I’ll take away from that day, will be the sheer mass of people, beautiful weather and the horrible traffic getting out of there. The crowds were jovial, but a bit subdued. Perhaps still in disbelief. Truthfully, the parade and celebration were a bit underwhelming. It probably would’ve been cooler to be on Broad Street in Center City, the true heart of the city, and watch the parade go by. I didn’t get to see the players up close and I also missed the infamous Chase Utley F-Bomb. It wasn’t until I got home, as soon as we walked in the door, that my mom issued her disgust about it and how several of the players were dressed like bikers. “Settle down, Mom,” remains my reaction to this day.


After the Phillies broke the drought, I thought the floodgates would open, Boston-sports style, in terms of championships. I was wrong. While the 2008 Eagles, 2009 Phillies and 2010 Flyers came damn close, it was the same old Philly sports letdown. The 2012 Sixers had a nice run, but never were real contenders. Pathetically, they are the last team to advance in a postseason. Thanks for the memories, Jrue Holiday, Andre Iguodala, Lou Williams, Evan Turner and Lavoy Allen?

As I type this, I just watched the current toast of the town, TEMPLE FOOTBALL, lose a heartbreaker to No.9 Notre Dame at a sold-out Linc. What world am I living on? Kudos to Temple for becoming a legit program, but when they are the most exciting sports team in a city with four professional sports, the outlook for even a hopeful shot at winning is beyond depressing.

I’ve tried to find parallels between other teams that have made playoff runs as that Phillies team, but they never played out like I hoped. I’ve watched far more talented Phillies teams come up short, rather than become a partial dynasty like the San Francisco Giants. I’ve even bordered on the edges of insanity and wondered if that 2008 World Series, and the taste of success it offered a famished fan base, was a bad thing because we expected more in the way of titles than were probable.

Over this last year the heroes of that team, Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins and Cole Hamels joined the exodus of the long-since departed: Pat Burrell, Geoff Jenkins, Jayson Werth, Adam Eaton(lol) to name a few. Only Ryan Howard and Chooch remain. It’s kind of surreal to only see two of them left, but not as surreal as it was to watch the Phillies claim a title and end the championship drought.

Despite their brutal mismanagement in the last several years, the Phillies will likely earn a free pass (most of the time) from me since they actually delivered. The other three teams? No so much.  The feeling of being on top, the ones with the bragging rights ahead of every other fanbase in the league was a great feeling. I loved walking into Yankees Stadium in 2009 with my Phillies World Series edition hat on. A hat I still have and will save for ever. I’d like to experience those bragging rights and shut up the haters, however briefly, in the other sports as well.

Ultimately I should’ve known better than to expect more than one championship in a calendar year or hell, a half decade. Philly sports doesn’t work like that. I can’t explain why, but it’s not routinely successful sports town. We very well could be looking at another 20-plus years before a team celebrates a title.  Anguish and frustration make up the lifeblood of a Philly sports fan.

I don’t know when another title is coming to Philly; I sure hope I get to see another one. If I do, I’ll count my blessings, buy championship merchandise, then praise the team and boast excessively to anyone that gets in my way.

For now I’ll continue to sift through the losses, pondering which of the four franchises will be the next to build a championship winner.

NFL Week 8 Selections

No time for an intro this week. Here are the Week 8 selections.

Last Week: 6-7

Season: 41-56-3

Dolphins at Patriots The Pick: Dolphins +8.5 The Dolphins are rejuvenated and the Pats are banged up. I like the Pats to win a close one.

Lions at Chiefs (London) Lions +5.5  Another doozy in London. I must say, that Jags-Bills second half was great. The first seemed like a real clunker. I’m looking forward to waking up Sunday morning to see whether Jim Caldwell or Andy Reid has already made a couple of horrible game management decisions. P.S. I’m actually going to miss the London games. It’s fun waking up with a game already on. It truly is football all day.

Bucs at Falcons Bucs +7.5  Atlanta hasn’t looked right the last few weeks. I could see them blowing out Tamps or winning an ugly, close game. I’ll say ugly win for the Falcons this week.

Giants at Saints The Pick: Saints -3.5 I can’t tell which Giants team is going to show up each week. The Saints have looked better the past two weeks.

49ers at Rams The Pick: 49ers +9  I like the Rams, but nine points is a bit too much. I say they win by a touchdown. Todd Gurley is the truth.

Cardinals at Browns The Pick: Browns +6  The Cardinals are a different team away from home.

Bengals at Steelers (Pick) Bengals  Gimme the Bengals coming off a bye. They keep their undefeated campaign going, even if Big Ben comes back.

Chargers at Ravens The Pick: Ravens -3  The Ravens have had so much bad luck this year, it finally stops this weekend.

Titans at Texans The Pick: Titans +4  Bob has a real mess on his hands. Still, no way he should get fired until he gets to draft and develop a QB.

Jets at Raiders The Pick: Jets -2.5  Jets defense> Raiders offense.

Seahawks at Cowboys The Pick: Cowboys +6.5  Seattle wins a close one here. The Cowboys tailspin continues.

Packers -3.5 at Broncos The Pick: Broncos +3.5  Broncos outright.

Colts at Panthers The Pick: Panthers -7  The Colts team is a mess. Carolina’s fierce defense should keep a sputtering Colts offense from getting going.

NFL Week 7 Selections

I find myself really enjoying this NFL season despite that the Eagles are a roller coaster, there’s a lot of key injuries around the league, and some of these games have just been hard to watch. I think it’s because I missed almost the entire season due to my work schedule, so now that I have weekends off, I’ll gladly spend them on the couch watching college games most of the day Sunday (I can do without the non-PSU noon games) and NFL games from 1 pm to 11-11:40ish pm.

A lot of it is because I’m in three fantasy leagues. And I’m not just playing fantasy, I’m consuming it. Reading tons of articles each week, listening to podcasts, tuning in to the morning fantasy shows on Sundays. I’ve played fantasy for over ten years now, but this year I just can’t get enough. And I’m talking mainly season-long leagues, not DFS, which has burst onto the mainstream this year like nothing I’ve seen in recent memory. Unfortunately for them it’s all negative as state and federal officials seem hellbent on regulating the industry. I actually hope they do; I’ve even taken all my money out of both DraftKings and FanDuel save for a few measley bucks I won on DraftKings.

There’s times when I really want to read, watch a tv show, catch up on work stuff play video games, or you know, find something other than watch football. But I just can’t turn away. It’s amazing the power the NFL has on fans like me.

I’ll find better ways to spend my time on weekends when football season is over. I think.

Like last week, I’ll post the Thursday night selection then add the rest of the slate after the Thursday night game.

Season: 35-49-3

Last Week: 6-8

Seahawks at 49ers  The Pick: 49ers +6.5   I think the Seahawks will win a tough, ugly and close game. I’m benching Russell Wilson for Cam in fantasy this week despite that Cam plays my Eagles. Just don’t trust this Seattle offense to do a whole lot, especially on a short week against a division rival.

Bills at Jaguars  The Pick: Jaguars +4   Another doozy of a matchup in Wembley. Enjoying the NFL yet, London?

Browns at Rams  The Pick: Rams -6   Excited to watch Todd Gurley in this one.

Texans at Dolphins The Pick: Dolphins -4.5  Did the Fins save their season? Getting the Titans and Texans in consecutive weeks is a good start to doing just that.

Jets at Patriots  The Pick: Patriots -9  I don’t think the Jets are as good as people are making them out to be.

Vikings at Lions  The Pick: Vikings -3   Back to the losing side of things for the Lions this week.

Falcons at Titans  The Pick: Falcons -6  Humbled after two consecutive poor performances, the Falcons use the extra rest from their mini bye week to handle the Titans.

Bucs at Redskins  The Pick: Bucs +3.5  Not sure why I keep picking Tampa this year. Then again, I can’t pick Kirk Cousins either. I can’t believe the Eagles lost to that guy.

Saints at Colts Colts -5  These two teams are pretty disorganized and Luck clearly is banged up. Still, Indy should be able to score easily on this hapless Saints defense. Also, LOL Chuck Pagano. That ill-conceived fake punt was the dumbest play I’ve ever seen.

Raiders at Chargers  The Pick: Raiders +4 I like the upstart Raiders over the always-disappointing Chargers.

Cowboys at Giants  The Pick: Cowboys +3.5  I honestly have no idea here. Dallas, coming off a bye, needs this desperately. The Giants were exposed Monday night.

Eagles at Panthers  The Pick: Eagles +3.5  This is as good a week as any for a Panthers letdown, in my totally unbiased opinion.

Ravens at Cardinals  The Pick: Cardinals -9  Wow, the Ravens are terrible. I’ll say my condolences to Ravens fans when I head to the PSU-Maryland game this weekend.