The Doug Pederson Hire is…

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Just ok.

Nothing more, nothing less. He certainly wasn’t one of the first names that came to mind when Jeffrey Lurie released Chip Kelly. I’m not going to lambaste the hire, and I’m certainly not going to expect great things either. After putting all my faith in supposed genius Chip Kelly only to watch him fail and get shipped out of town abruptly, I’m not totally opposed to going outside the box with a boring and unexciting name.

Only Doug Pederson isn’t really an outside the box hire. He’s an Andy Reid disciple. Our we setting ourselves up for more of the same from what we got from 1999-2012? Granted a lot of playoff seasons were in there, but no championships. Doug Pederson’s ceiling feels like five seasons with one or two trips to the playoffs mixed in. It just doesn’t scream a decade plus of championship-level football. But then again, Andy Reid’s hire didn’t either, and I think that’s the one aspect of this that’s giving Eagles fans reasons to be optimistic.

Andy Reid is a good coach to learn from no question and Pederson has years of playing experience and time spent around some of the most successful people in the sport. He knows what it takes to be a player in this league and what a successful locker room should look like.

But then again, why does it appear like he was the Eagles third choice? When are other reports suggesting that Ben McAdoo and Tom Couglin were going to be named Eagles head coach if the Birds had worked something out. Clearly the Eagles like Pederson, but they have reservations. This is going to be a fascinating opening presser and there’s going to be plenty of other tough questions and topics for Lurie to dance around.

Why didn’t they interview with other candidates with other teams? The only outside candidates they spoke with besides Pederson were Adam Gase, McAdoo and Coughlin? Why not try Sean McDermott or Josh McDaniels or Hue Jackson?

Why did Pederson only receive one head coaching interview?

What is Howie Roseman’s roll now? If he’s in charge of personnel and making the hire, why isn’t he allowed to answer questions at the press conference?

It was a very puzzling search for a new head coach and you just have to wonder if the team was exhaustive and thorough enough in vetting possible choices. It’s clear Lurie was burned by Chip. Now is he forsaking upside to find someone too familiar or less controlling? When looking for a new head coach, it’s certainly smart to find elements of what worked in the past. But to expect Reid-like success from Pederson, to strike gold twice, is unrealistic.

Overall I have my doubts about the Pederson hire, but I’m certainly going to give him a chance. Welcome back to Philadelphia Doug, and good luck.


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