My Super Bowl 50 Prediction

Thank you football Gods for another fun, thrilling and often exasperating(because of the Eagles) NFL season. But before we settle in for the long winter/spring/early summer nap of the NFL offseason, can you bestow upon us one more enjoyable game? Nothing stinks more than a Super Bowl blowout.

Will we get a classic this Sunday?  I sure hope so. I also hope to finish the year on a three-game winning streak after my sensational conference championship Sunday when I went 2-0.

Season total: 100-114-7

The Pick: Broncos +5.5 The Denver Broncos will be crowned Super Bowl 50 champions in a scrappy, ugly and old school football-type of affair. These two defenses are too good for an offensive explosion. I could see something like 17-13 Denver. It’s been a while since there’s been a really low-scoring Super Bowl. Giants-Patriots (the first one) was the lowest scoring game of the past decade, with the Giants winning 17-14.

This has been the year of Cam and I should absolutely not pick against him. The Panthers I believe are the better overall team.

But is Peyton Manning really going to blow this last chance? I mean, I never thought he’d be back here after the loss to Seattle two years ago, and I definitely didn’t think so in Week 10. Cam Newton vs Denver’s defense is a pretty fair fight and a matchup I can’t wait to see unfold. But Peyton vs Carolina’s defense? On paper this does not look good at all. Yet, Manning was efficient enough in the AFC Championship game and I certainly think he can repeat that performance in the warm conditions of Santa Clara and the benefit of extra rest.

I think if Denver can score some defensive or special teams touchdowns, this will be their day. Although if Carolina gets out to a fast start, I don’t see them choking away a big lead. The first score of the game in this one will be extra crucial.

I don’t bet on point spreads but I could certainly be coaxed into laying down a few dollars on the prop bets, which get more hilarious and in some cases extreme(will an earthquake occur??) each year.

Prop bets: Heads/Tails   HEADS

Team to win the coin toss: Broncos

National Anthem: Under

Team to score first: Broncos

Highest scoring quarter: 2nd



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