NFL Wild Card Weekend Selections

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Hello and welcome to the start of the NFL playoffs!! Before I make the selections, yes I skipped Weeks 16 & 17 due to the holidays and being under the weather. No, I don’t feel bad.

This is a really strange yet intriguing opening round of the postseason, and is example 4,890 while you shouldn’t wager on sports games (but you should keep playing daily fantasy sports because there’s no way you lose playing in those contests).

I kind of want to pick all four road teams just because they all have the experienced quarterbacks. But one of these home teams is going to win right? I guess we will find out.

Season total minus two weeks and a handful of games:93-111-7 

Chiefs at Texans  The Pick: Chiefs -3.5  I feel like the Texans have an ownership stake in the first time slot of wild-card weekend. Unfortunately, the Bengals won’t be coming to town this week. Andy’s big red machine won’t slow down this week. Plus, I feel like if the Chiefs can take away DeAndre Hopkins, Houston has little chance of scoring. Don’t screw this up, Andy.

Steelers at Bengals The Pick: Bengals +3  Hardest game for me to pick. The Steelers are missing their starting running back for the second straight postseason. But the Bengals won’t have Andy Dalton. I’ll take the Bengals, since I just can’t trust which Pittsburgh team will show up.

Seahawks at Vikings The Pick: Vikings +5.5 I think Seattle wins a nail biter here in the arctic cold of Minnesota. I think the cold weather affects both teams, but Seattle contains Adrian Peterson enough to make Teddy Bridgewater have to try to make more throws. I don’t like his chances.

Packers at Redskins The Pick: Packers +1  This is the one that I had to think about the least. I refuse to bet against Aaron Rodgers. The end.






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