The Eagles got Demolished by a Real Team Sunday Night

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And the same thing will happen if the Eagles win their final two games to lay claim as NFC East representative* in the National Football League Postseason.

*Calling them a champion just doesn’t feel right. 

The last two weeks were nice wins, and it was encouraging that the Eagles haven’t totally quit on the coach. But they’re still a bad team with myriad flaws. Plus, in that Patriots game, there were three return touchdowns and the Pats were missing a ton of key players. And the Eagles still nearly lost.

Many of those flows showed up again tonight in the loss to the Cardinals but the tackling, or lack thereof, was simply appalling. I know there were lots of backups in the secondary, but it was still just a pathetic effort.

The running game just can’t get going and the DeMarco Murrary fiasco keeps getting worse. Two carries for three yards. Thanks, Chip. I’m almost tempted to take the $13 million cap hit and get rid of him entirely for next year.

The Eagles actually moved the ball fairly well and Sammy Sleeves keeps looking more comfortable. Yes he had two bad interceptions, but the game was long over when those were thrown anyway. Who knows if Bradford will be here next year, but I’d probably bring him back. This team needs stability at the quarterback spot. The alternatives like Colin Kaepernick just aren’t enticing.

This is probably the least excited I’ve ever been for a possible playoff berth for the Eagles. With how bad Philadelphia sports are right now, of course I’ll take the Eagles getting in the postseason, but knowing they have no shot, much like the Sixers for the Doug Collins era, makes the whole thing seem kind of worthless. I’d honestly prefer 6-10 and a better draft slot.

  •  DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin produced 13 catches for 2013 yards and two touchdowns on Sunday. The Eagles receivers, aside from Jordan Matthews and his meaningless touchdown yardage and touchdown reception: six catches for 74 yards. Nelson Agholar had no catches. I don’t care how good the Arizona secondary is, you have to produce something. It’s been a tough year for Agholar and the whole receiving coprs and I think it would be best if we didn’t go crazy about predictions after reading about how good they look next training camp.
  • Two years ago I called Bruce Arians a whiny crybaby after the Eagles beat the Cardinals with the help of some questionable officiating. This was also after he was less than complimentary of the Eagles offense and Chip Kelly’s scheme. The Eagles never interviewed Arians after Chip Kelly changed his mind. Hindsight is 20/20 but Arians is a great head coach and I wish he was coaching the Eagles and not “Big Chip.”
  • In the 2014 NFL draft the Eagles took Marcus Smith in the first round and Josh Huff in the third round. In those same rounds the Cardinals selected two studs, John Brown and Deone Bucannon. Both could’ve been Eagles, but Chip Kelly obviously didn’t like what he saw.
  • I wish the Eagles had just one of the Cardinals receivers. Hell, I’d take JJ Nelson.
  • Kiko Alonson needs to get the hell off the field. I’m going to chalk this year up as an injury-plagued one where he isn’t quite healthy. But that lack of effort in the second half when he bascially wanted no part of David Johnson plowing into the end zone was all I need to see from him this year.
  • Thank you NFL for showcasing another Eagles blowout in primetime. I said it two weeks ago and say it here now: Panthers-Giants should’ve been the flex choice.
  • I should’ve went to see Star Wars rather than watch this debacle.






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