NFL Week 15 Selections

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Three weeks left in another perplexing and wildly entertaining NFL season. If only there weren’t so many key players going down with injuries. I feel like I barely know half of the players that are being utilized this weekend as fantasy playoffs ramp up.

Speaking of which, I lost in one of my money leagues. That’s about 200 hours I’ll never get back. It can be directly tied to losing one matchup by less than half a point two weeks ago, which caused me playoff positioning. If I win that, I’m the three seed and beat the six seed last weekend. Literally if one more play had worked out in a positive way for me, I’d still be alive. Fantasy is absurd.

Anyway, at least the Eagles are fairly healthy as the keep their miraculous playoff quest going. But a big test with the Cardinals coming to town. Can’t say I feel great about this one.

Last week 5-9

Season: 88-103-6

Here’s the Thursday night with the rest coming later…

Bucs at Rams   The Pick: Bucs +2.5  I hate taking road teams on Thursday night, but the Rams just stink offensively. Unless they realize this is their last game in town, then maybe they could put one more “Greatest Show on Turf” performance, but I doubt it.


Jets at Cowboys  The Pick: Jets -3.5  The Cowboys should just tank for the draft pick now.

Bears at Vikings  The Pick: Bears +5.5   Who the hell knows with these two teams?

Texans at Colts  The Pick: Texans +1.5 I’ll trust the Texans’ defense here.

Chiefs at Ravens  The Pick: Chiefs -6.5   Big Red and Co. should win out.

Bills at Redskins  The Pick: Bills -2  This might be wishful thinking but I think the Bills can trick ol’ Kirk Cousins into having a bad game.

Titans at Patriots  The Pick: Pats -14  Unlike the Eagles game a few weeks back, the Pats will dominate an inferior team.

Panthers at Giants  The Pick: Panthers -4   The Panthers could be in big trouble here, but I already was wrong when I picked them to lose to Dallas on Thanksgiving. I won’t pick against Cam until he loses.

Browns at Seahawks  The Pick: Seahawks -14.5 Seattle keeps motoring along as the Browns provide little resistance.

Packers at Raiders  The Pick: Packers -3.5 I think the Packers are finally going to take charge and look like the team we though there were going to be. Oakland is tough though. I could see them in the playoffs next year.

Broncos at Steelers  The Pick: Broncos +7 Too many picking Pittsburgh for my liking. I think Denver keeps this a low-scoring affair.

Bengals at 49ers  The Pick: 49ers-6  This San Fran team has been solid at home. Bengals close.

Cardinals at Eagles The Pick: Eagles -4.5  If the Eagles can win in New England, they can win this one.

Lions at Saints  The Pick: Saints -3  The Lions have given up while the Saints keep showing some pride at least.








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