Happy Thanksgiving and Week 12 NFL Picks

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Even though I’m by myself and have to work this Turkey Day, I’m thankful to enjoy another Thanksgiving, even if its away from my family and friends, for whom I’m very thankful. I’m thankful to have my job, good health and good health for my family.

I’m also thankful that I had possibly my best week ever in Week 11(need to double check this) and that there’s only six Eagles games left in this miserable season. I’ll save my full thoughts on them for another post, but yeah, tremendously disappointing year.

Anyway, let’s see if I can keep my hot streak going, starting with the three Turkey Day games.

Last Week 9-2-2

Season: 64-82-6

Eagles at Lions  The Pick: Lions -3   The Eagles couldn’t get their act together one week after the Dolphins loss, what makes me think they will do so on a short week?

Panthers at Cowboys The Pick: Cowboys -1   You know, I hate to do this. But Carolina isn’t going undefeated, so this is as good a time as any for their first loss.

Bears at Packers The Pick: Packers -9  The Bears have been frisky this year, but Green Bay recaptured its mojo last week. I think.

Saints at Texans  The Pick: Texans -3  The rejuvenated Texans??!? Sure why not. I have to see the Saints play decent defense before I pick them again.

Vikings at Falcons The Pick: Vikings +1  Remember when the Falcons were undefeated?  Now they’re just another of the bad teams the Eagles have lost to.

Rams at Bengals  The Pick: Bengals  -9  The Red Rifle should have no trouble with the struggling Rams defense.

Bucs at Colts  The Pick: Colts -3 Somene talk me out of this one. The Colts just keep eeking out wins this year. I see the same on Sunday.

Giants at Redskins  The Pick: Redskins +3 The Giants probably win the NFC East, but the Redskins have been tough at home.

Raiders at Titans  The Pick: Raiders -2 Been a rough stretch for the Raiders but they should win this one.

Bills at Chiefs The Pick: Chiefs -6 Keep it rolling with that fierce defense Big Red.

Dolphins at Jets The Pick: Dolphins +3.5  This one is a:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Chargers at Jaguars The Pick: Jags -3.5 The Jags are decent. Also, I kinda wish the Eagles took A-Rob over Jordan Matthews in last year’s draft.

Cardinals at 49ers The Pick: 49ers +10.5 Arizona should win easily, but the Niners seem to have come competitiveness left in them.

Seahawks at Steelers The Pick: Steelers +3.5   Tough one here, but the Steelers 2nd ranked rush defense should corral the Seahawks running game.

Patriots at Broncos  The Pick: Broncos +3  That’s right, Brock Osweiler over Tom Brady!

Ravens at Browns  The Pick: Browns -3  The Ravens have lost their top four players to injury this year. Terrible luck.










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