Through Nine Games the Eagles Are Still Bad

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I was tempted to go with a headline of “the Eagles are inconsistent,” or “the Eagles are mediocre,” but those would be misleading. Because let’s face it. This team isn’t very good.

Since our last evaluation of the Eagles after a dismal loss to a team they had know business losing to (the Redskins,) the Eagles actually went 3-1. After poor starts, they comfortably beat the defenseless Saints and Giants. Then they lost to the beast team in the NFC, Carolina, a game that was winnable if the Eagles receiving corp hadn’t shown such stunning ineptitude with seven* drop passes. A much-needed bye week was a welcome respite for both the team and the fanbase.

A thrilling overtime win over the Tony Romo-less Cowboys provided more false hope as fans, myself included, wondered if the team had truly turned a corner and were ready to take firm control of the putrid NFC East.

And then the Miami game. The Eagles finally got off to a decent start only to implode over the final three quarters. Turnovers, injuries, weird clock management and play-calling, terrible penalties and offense line play. It was all there on display as the Eagles lost to a team that had 100 percent quit early in that game.

Now Mark Sanchez is back at the helm, once again looking to guide the Eagles to the postseason. We all saw how that went last year. Sanchez does just enough to keep the team in games, but he also does more than enough to make sure your team doesn’t win.

The Eagles have seven games left and I just can’t see them doing anything better than 3-4 or 4-3.

I could not care less whether or not the Eagles make the postseason, because they are clearly a one-and-done entrant.

Let’s make some Week 11 Picks.

Last Week: 6-7


Redskins at Panthers The Pick: Panthers -7 

Raiders at Lions The Pick: Lions +1.5 

Cowboys at Dolphins The Pick: Cowboys -2.5

Colts at Falcons The Pick: Falcons +3.5

Rams at Ravens The Pick: Ravens -2.5 

Jets at Texans  The Pick: Texans +4 

Bucs at Eagles The Pick: Bucs +7 

Broncos at Bears The Pick: Bears +2 

Chiefs at Chargers The Pick: Chiefs -3 

Packers at Vikings The Pick Packers (no line) 

49ers at Seahawks The Pick: 49ers +14 

Bengals at Cardinals The Pick: Cardinals -4.5 

Bills at Patriots  The Pick: Patriots -7 











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