NFL Week 9 Selections

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Week 9 is here and the Eagles are back from a much-needed bye week. I’m actually dreading this game, not because the Eagles could very well lose to a Tony Romo-less Cowboys team, but because this team is just so painful to watch. I frankly enjoyed the bye week much more than almost any other Eagles games this year. And watching the 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. games this week will be like a vacation, whereas once the Eagles kickoff around 8:30 or so, it will be like starting work on a Monday.

Who knows, maybe they’ll turn this thing around. But I need to see it to believe it.

Last Week 5-7-1

Season: 46-63-4

Browns at Bengals  The Pick: Browns +11.5  I feel decent that the Browns can cover here, but Cincy should still win easily.

Raiders at Steelers  The Pick: Steelers -4.5  If there’s one team I’ve been right about consistently this season, it’s the Steelers. I’ve nailed their last three games correctly. I think Big Ben shakes off the rust this week and has a good game.

Jaguars at Jets  The Pick: Jets -7.5  Even with a banged up Ryan Fitzpatrick, I’ll take the Jets at home.

Rams at Vikings The Pick: Rams +2  The Vikings were lucky to escape Chicago with a win last week. As long as Foles plays a solid game, St. Louis should win this one.

Dolphins at Bills The Pick: Dolphins +3 I doubt Buffalo rolls Miami like they did in Week 3, despite being at home this week. Miami is clearly not a good team, but one that should be able to beat teams like the Bills.

Titans at Saints  The Pick: Saints -9 The Saints have turned their season around and could be making a Wild Card push. For the Titans, it’s been a long eight weeks since the season opener.

Redskins at Patriots  The Pick: Redskins +14  The garbage time points should be there for the Redskins to cover.

Packers at Panthers The Pick: Panthers +3  If Green Bay was being given points here, I would take them. It’s tough to pick Green Bay to lose two straight, but their offense might not be as good as we thought. For the Panthers, they do just enough to win each week.

Falcons at 49ers  The Pick: Falcons -7  I didn’t feel good about the Falcons getting seven here(they are below average in my opinion) but then I remembered Blaine Gabbert is starting for San Fran now.

Giants at Buccaneers The Pick: Tampa +2.5  Like the Steelers, I’ve been pretty close in most of my picks with the Bucs this year. This should be another ugly. yet entertaining game between two terrible defenses.

Broncos at Colts  The Pick: Colts +6  Don’t ask me why, but I feel like the Colts will score some points on the Broncos elite defense.

Eagles at Cowboys The Pick: Cowboys +3  Look what you’ve done Eagles. I still think you can win by a field goal, but I don’t have much confidence in Chip and Co. at all right now.

Bears at Chargers The Pick: Bears +4  Come someone please explain to me how this game got scheduled for MNF? And why the Chargers are home for another MNF game in the span of a month? I think the ESPN crew begged the NFL to send them to San Diego or something. Maybe Gruden has a house there.


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