NFL Week 8 Selections

No time for an intro this week. Here are the Week 8 selections.

Last Week: 6-7

Season: 41-56-3

Dolphins at Patriots The Pick: Dolphins +8.5 The Dolphins are rejuvenated and the Pats are banged up. I like the Pats to win a close one.

Lions at Chiefs (London) Lions +5.5  Another doozy in London. I must say, that Jags-Bills second half was great. The first seemed like a real clunker. I’m looking forward to waking up Sunday morning to see whether Jim Caldwell or Andy Reid has already made a couple of horrible game management decisions. P.S. I’m actually going to miss the London games. It’s fun waking up with a game already on. It truly is football all day.

Bucs at Falcons Bucs +7.5  Atlanta hasn’t looked right the last few weeks. I could see them blowing out Tamps or winning an ugly, close game. I’ll say ugly win for the Falcons this week.

Giants at Saints The Pick: Saints -3.5 I can’t tell which Giants team is going to show up each week. The Saints have looked better the past two weeks.

49ers at Rams The Pick: 49ers +9  I like the Rams, but nine points is a bit too much. I say they win by a touchdown. Todd Gurley is the truth.

Cardinals at Browns The Pick: Browns +6  The Cardinals are a different team away from home.

Bengals at Steelers (Pick) Bengals  Gimme the Bengals coming off a bye. They keep their undefeated campaign going, even if Big Ben comes back.

Chargers at Ravens The Pick: Ravens -3  The Ravens have had so much bad luck this year, it finally stops this weekend.

Titans at Texans The Pick: Titans +4  Bob has a real mess on his hands. Still, no way he should get fired until he gets to draft and develop a QB.

Jets at Raiders The Pick: Jets -2.5  Jets defense> Raiders offense.

Seahawks at Cowboys The Pick: Cowboys +6.5  Seattle wins a close one here. The Cowboys tailspin continues.

Packers -3.5 at Broncos The Pick: Broncos +3.5  Broncos outright.

Colts at Panthers The Pick: Panthers -7  The Colts team is a mess. Carolina’s fierce defense should keep a sputtering Colts offense from getting going.


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