NFL Week 7 Selections

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I find myself really enjoying this NFL season despite that the Eagles are a roller coaster, there’s a lot of key injuries around the league, and some of these games have just been hard to watch. I think it’s because I missed almost the entire season due to my work schedule, so now that I have weekends off, I’ll gladly spend them on the couch watching college games most of the day Sunday (I can do without the non-PSU noon games) and NFL games from 1 pm to 11-11:40ish pm.

A lot of it is because I’m in three fantasy leagues. And I’m not just playing fantasy, I’m consuming it. Reading tons of articles each week, listening to podcasts, tuning in to the morning fantasy shows on Sundays. I’ve played fantasy for over ten years now, but this year I just can’t get enough. And I’m talking mainly season-long leagues, not DFS, which has burst onto the mainstream this year like nothing I’ve seen in recent memory. Unfortunately for them it’s all negative as state and federal officials seem hellbent on regulating the industry. I actually hope they do; I’ve even taken all my money out of both DraftKings and FanDuel save for a few measley bucks I won on DraftKings.

There’s times when I really want to read, watch a tv show, catch up on work stuff play video games, or you know, find something other than watch football. But I just can’t turn away. It’s amazing the power the NFL has on fans like me.

I’ll find better ways to spend my time on weekends when football season is over. I think.

Like last week, I’ll post the Thursday night selection then add the rest of the slate after the Thursday night game.

Season: 35-49-3

Last Week: 6-8

Seahawks at 49ers  The Pick: 49ers +6.5   I think the Seahawks will win a tough, ugly and close game. I’m benching Russell Wilson for Cam in fantasy this week despite that Cam plays my Eagles. Just don’t trust this Seattle offense to do a whole lot, especially on a short week against a division rival.

Bills at Jaguars  The Pick: Jaguars +4   Another doozy of a matchup in Wembley. Enjoying the NFL yet, London?

Browns at Rams  The Pick: Rams -6   Excited to watch Todd Gurley in this one.

Texans at Dolphins The Pick: Dolphins -4.5  Did the Fins save their season? Getting the Titans and Texans in consecutive weeks is a good start to doing just that.

Jets at Patriots  The Pick: Patriots -9  I don’t think the Jets are as good as people are making them out to be.

Vikings at Lions  The Pick: Vikings -3   Back to the losing side of things for the Lions this week.

Falcons at Titans  The Pick: Falcons -6  Humbled after two consecutive poor performances, the Falcons use the extra rest from their mini bye week to handle the Titans.

Bucs at Redskins  The Pick: Bucs +3.5  Not sure why I keep picking Tampa this year. Then again, I can’t pick Kirk Cousins either. I can’t believe the Eagles lost to that guy.

Saints at Colts Colts -5  These two teams are pretty disorganized and Luck clearly is banged up. Still, Indy should be able to score easily on this hapless Saints defense. Also, LOL Chuck Pagano. That ill-conceived fake punt was the dumbest play I’ve ever seen.

Raiders at Chargers  The Pick: Raiders +4 I like the upstart Raiders over the always-disappointing Chargers.

Cowboys at Giants  The Pick: Cowboys +3.5  I honestly have no idea here. Dallas, coming off a bye, needs this desperately. The Giants were exposed Monday night.

Eagles at Panthers  The Pick: Eagles +3.5  This is as good a week as any for a Panthers letdown, in my totally unbiased opinion.

Ravens at Cardinals  The Pick: Cardinals -9  Wow, the Ravens are terrible. I’ll say my condolences to Ravens fans when I head to the PSU-Maryland game this weekend.


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