NFL Week 6 Selections

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I had a winning week in the fifth week of the NFL Season and so did the Eagles. Things are looking up around these parts!  Psst. If you look closey, I already lost my Thursday night selection, so maybe I should pump the brakes a wee bit.

Last Week: 6-5-2

Season:  29-41-3

Getting my Thursday night pick in now, will update the rest following the game.

Falcons at Saints  The Pick: Falcons -4   I don’t like picking the road team on Thursday night, especially an Atlanta team that struggled on Sunday and with a banged up Julio Jones. But the Saints are just miserable now.

Broncos at Browns  The Pick: Broncos -4.5  Josh McCown is due to come back to earth at some point.

Bengals at Bills  The Pick: Bengals -3  I can’t pick Ej Manuel.

Chiefs at Vikings  The Pick: Vikings -4   That Chiefs offense minus Jamaal Charles? No thank you.

Texans at Jaguars  The Pick: Jaguars -2  Houston is probably the worst team in the NFL. I know the Lions are winless, but the Texans are just awful, especially since JJ Watt isn’t producing.

Bears at Lions  The Pick:  Lions -3.5   I think this is the weekend they finally get one on for the win column.

Redskins at Jets The Pick: Redskins +7  I like the Jets to win a close one here.

Cardinals at Steelers  The Pick: Steelers +4.5  This should be a close one. I’ll give to the Steelers at home, with the Cards forced to make another long road trip.

Dolphins at Titans  The Pick: Dolphins +2  Let’s see if the Dolphins can get things going with a new coach.

Panthers at Seahawks  The Pick: Seahawks -7 Seattle should be pissed after blowing that Cincy game.

Chargers at Packers  The Pick: Packers -10.5  San Diego is terrible. Now watch them cover this spread.

Ravens at 49ers  The Pick: Ravens -2  The 49ers stink and deserve to lose every game after losing to the Giants last week.

Patriots at Colts  The Pick: Pats -10  Tommy and the Pats keep rolling. P.S. I hope they crush the colts since they started that DeflateGate nonsense.

Giants at Eagles  The Pick: Eagles -4.5 The Eagles looked better last week, but it was the hapless Saints… who just won on Thursday night against the undefeated Falcons. Just win this damn, game Chip.


















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