NFL Week 5 Selections

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Not much changed in week 4. My picks were lousy and so were the Eagles. Myself and the Eagles are currently teetering on the precipice of utter disaster. Will we pull a miraculous houdini act and save our respective season? Only week 5 will tell.

Last Week: 4-9-1

Season 24-36-1

Jags at Bucs The Pick: Bucs -3 I will not be watching this game.

Bills at Titans  The Pick: Titans +1 Can Mariota keep his hot streak rolling into October? I think yes. The Bills are too banged up offensively.

Browns at Ravens  The Pick: Ravens -6.5  I just can’t pick the Browns. No matter how bad Baltimore is right now.

Redskins at Falcons The Pick: Falcons -7  Potential for a slip u for red hot Atlanta, but they should be able to pull off the NFC East sweep.

Bears at Chiefs  The Pick: Chiefs -9  Keep throwing the ball to Maclin, Andy and Alex Smith. Please.

Saints at Eagles The Pick: Eagles -6 Welp. This is it. Week 5 and the Eagles are playing for their season. This is how we all predicted it would go, right? 

Rams at Packers  The Pick: Packers -9 One week after a hugely impressive win against the Cardinals, can Nicky Franchise and the Rams do it again. Unlikely, but the Rams still could be a contender.

Seahawks at Bengals  The Pick: Seahawks +3 I’ll go against the grain and pick Seattle. Many seem to be picking against them this week.

Cardinals at Lions  The Pick: Cardinals -3.5 Despite a surprise stumble at home last week, I still really like the Cards as the top dog in the NFC.

Patriots at Cowboys The Pick: Patriots -9.5  The Pats coming off a bye against a banged up Cowboys team? I thought the Cowboys could tread water and win some games, and they very well could’ve went 2-0 in the last two weeks, but they have too many injuries now.

Broncos at Raiders  The Pick: Broncos -5   Just when I wanted to get comfortable picking Oakland, they lost on the road in Chicago.

49ers at Giants The Pick: Giants -7  Why do I feel like the Giants are going to win another Super Bowl this year? Oh, that’s right because I’ve seen them win two in a very similar fashion in year’s past.

Steelers at Chargers  The Pick: Chargers +3.5  If Ben plays, this is probably a Stillers win. But he’s not playing. San Diego needs to start playing more consistently.


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