NFL Week 3 Selections

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Two weeks in and I haven’t been able to get past the 6 win mark. Somewhat unfortunately, I’m not sure the Eagles will be able to get past the 6 win mark either this year. Hell about the 6 point mark in the first half this Sunday?? Incredible the nose dive this team has taken. It’s been a misreable start for the Eagles and a below-average one for me in 2015. Let’s get back on track in Week 3.

Last Week: 6-8

Season 12-18

Redskins at Giants  The Pick: Giants -3.5 Both teams have looked more competent than the Eagles which is downright scary. The Giants wont blow this game, but they certainly may try.

Steelers at Rams  The Pick: Steelers -2 Rams look to rebound after a terrible loss to Washington, but the Steelers have too much on offense.

Chargers at Vikings The Pick: Chargers +2.5  I was wrong about both of these teams last week. I dont know why, but I’ll pick San Diego on the road again.

Bucs at Texans  The Pick: Bucs+6.5   The Saints might be terrible, but that was a pretty surprsing win by Tampa last week. I’ll take them to cover this week.

Eagles at Jets  The Pick: Eagles +3 No explanation needed. This is arguably the Eagles final chance to get it turned around. And it wont be easy.

Saints at Panthers  The Pick: Panthers -6.5  I have trouble seeing the Panthers winning this by a touchdown, but I have trouble seeing the Saints look decent, especially with a banged up Drew Brees.

Jaguars at Patriots  The Pick: Jags +14  New England wins, but the Jags score some garbage points to cover.

Bengals at Ravens  The Pick: Ravens -2.5   Baltimore has to rebound after the stinker in Oakland.

Raiders at Browns  The Pick:  Browns -3.5   Only Cleveland can screw up its starting quarterback situation this bad. An its not even a promising situation in the first place.

Colts at Titans  The Pick: Colts -3.5   This Colts team is a mess, but should pull this one out.

Falcons at Cowboys  The Pick: Falcons +2  I think Dallas actually treads water without its best offensive players. But Atlanta squeaks by another NFC East team this week.

49ers at Cardinals  The Pick: Cardinals -6.5 The Cards are legit and could be the NFC’s best team, not just the NFC West.  How would the Eagles look if Bruce Arians were the Eagles coach? Food for thought.

Bears at Seahawks  The Pick: Bears +15   PLUS 15?? WOW. Seahawks cruise in this one.

Bills at Dolphins  The Pick: Dolphins -2.5  These two mediocre AFC East teams are who we thought they were.

Broncos at Lions  The Pick: Broncos -3.5 Peyton is not dead yet. By the way, odd matchup for SNF. When was the last time the Lions hosted a Sunday nighter?

Chiefs at Packers  The Pick: Packers -7  Aaron Rodgers reminds everyone how the 2005 Draft should’ve went.


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