NFL Week 2 Selections

It’s 1:40 a..m. on a Sunday. I just watched roughly seven straight hours of college football. Let’s make some NFL Picks.

As you will note, I forgot to do this on Thursday, thus forgot to take the Chiefs outright. Oh well. I wont count that as a loss. Thursday games are dumb anyway, although the ending to Chiefs-Broncos was straight bonkers.

Last Week: 6-10

Season 6-10

Texans at Panthers:  The Pick: Panthers -3 It’s week 2 and BOB is already changing the QB. The Texans offense is not good.

Bucs at Saints  The Pick: Saints -10  Drew Brees and Co. should light it up against the horrendous Tampa D.

49ers at Steelers The Pick: Steelers -6.5 Pittsburgh picks itself off the map. Short week plus long travel for San Fran = No Bueno.

Lions at Vikings The Pick: Lions +2  The Vikings offense needs a lot of work.

Patriots at Bills  The Pick: Patriots -1   This should be a fun one.

Cardinals at Bears The Pick: Cardinals -2  The Cards might be the best team in the NFC West.

Titans at Browns  The Pick: Titans -2  Now I know why Chip wanted to trade half the team for Marcus.

Chargers at Bengals  The Pick: Chargers +3.5  Meh this is more a toss-up.

Falcons at Giants  The Pick: Falcons +2.5  Not sure if the Giants can recover from that monumental Week 1 disaster.

Ravens at Raiders The Pick: Ravens -7   Baltimore in a rout.

Dolphins at Jaguars  The Pick: Dolphins -6.5  The Dolphins SHOULD win this fairly easily.

Cowboys at Eagles  The Pick: Eagles -5.5 I wouldn’t be surprised if the Eagles still look sloppy tomorrow. Chip is 0-2 at home against Dallas in his tenure. Please win this damn game.

Seahawks at Packers  The Pick: Green Bay -3.5  Total revenge game for the Pack.

Jets at Colts The Pick: Colts -7 Indy gets back on track after a miserable Week 1.


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