NFL Week 1 Picks

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Hello. Football has returned and so has my annual guessing game of picking weekly matchups. I’ll be using Sportsbook again and will try to post these on Thursday to account for the weekly Thursday game.

Week 1 is always impossible to figure out, it’s basically March Madness for the NFL. So here comes a lot of off-the-wall guesses.

Steelers at Patriots  The Pick: Patriots -7  Pissed off Tom Brady. That’s the only reason anyone needs to make this pick.

Packers at Bears  The Pick: Bears +7  Green Bay is still picking up the pieces from the NFC Championship game debacle.

Chiefs at Texans  The Pick: Texans -1  Andy Reid never does well in openers, or so I’ve heard.

Browns at Jets  The Pick: Jets -3   Man this will be a tough one to watch.

Colts at Bills  The Pick: Colts-3  I know the Colts defense isn’t spectacular, but I’m surprised they aren’t getting enough fantasy play against Tyrod Taylor of all people this week.

Dolphins at Redskins  The Pick: Dolphins -4  Despite the Eagles never winning a Super Bowl, I’ll much more thankful to be a fan of them, rather than that mess of an organization on DC.

Panthers at Jaguars  The Pick; Jaguars +3.5  Throwing poop at a wall here.

Seahawks at Rams  The Pick: Seahawks -4.5 No offense to Nicky Franchise, but Seattle should win this one by about a TD.

Saints at Cardinals  The Pick: Saints +3  I feel like this year is the last shot for Drew Brees and Co.

Lions at Chargers  The Pick: Chargers -3  Could the Bolts overtake the Broncos for the AFC West crown, in possibly their last year in San Diego? Will be fascinating to see.

Titans at Bucs  The Pick: Bucs -3 Think Mariota plays better than Jameis, but Tampa plays a better overall game.

Bengals at Raiders The Pick: Bengals -3.5  This LOOKS like the easiest pick of the day.

Ravens at Broncos  The Pick:  Broncos -5  I’m still trying to figure out why Baltimore is a Super Bowl favorite?

Giants at Cowboys The Pick: Cowboys -6 The Giants will score, but Dallas will put up more points.

Eagles at Falcons  The Pick: Eagles -3  Worried about the Eagles secondary still, but think this offense has no problem with the Falcons D.

Vikings at 49ers  The Pick: 49ers +2.5   San Fran will be awful this year, but they take this one in a close game.


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