Cole Hamels Throws No-Hitter in Most Likely Final Start as a Phillie

Embed from Getty Images

I’ve barely watched any Phillies baseball this year, but I watched the final three outs of Cole’s masterpiece in Chicago today with the same vigor of when the team was chasing down division and league pennants. Gotta say, I got a bit emotional watching the final out and celebration.

He came up huge today, reinforcing what a big-time pitcher he is and why the Phillies should expect a handsome return for him in any trade. I’ll miss watching this guy pitch. Unlike other pitching heroes such as  Cliff Lee or Doc Halladay, Cole was Phillie from the start and that’s what makes his necessary departure so bittersweet. As good as he is, he deserves to pitch for a contender. Honestly, I would be disappointed if he made another start for the Phillies at this point.

Thank you Cole for EVERYTHING, and for making this dreadful Phillies season a bit sweeter as we all got transported back to the golden age of 2007-2011, even if it was just for a couple of hours on a random July afternoon.


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