Sixers Nab the Third Pick (Again); Welcome D’Angelo Russell?

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The Sixers will not have three first round picks and they won’t have the top overall pick as for the second-straight year, the NBA Draft lottery gods deemed the Sixers worthy of picking third and no higher.

I’m fine with it. I was worried leading up to the draft that bad karma from tanking would push the team out of the top four. The lottery was pretty straightforward with the only surprise coming when the Lakers and Knicks (lol) switched spots.

The Sixers certainly don’t need a big man but it would’ve been something else to see who Sam Hinkie would’ve taken at No.1 had the Sixers won the lottery. Instead he gets to work from his comfortable perch at third overall, and unless Karl-Anthony Towns or Jahlil Okafor get hurt, the Sixers will have pick of the litter of players who could fill a variety of positions of need for the Sixers.

Last year the entire season and pre-draft process had the Sixers linked to Andrew Wiggins. This year, it’s been less clear who they might covet, if it’s even reasonable to guess who they want at all. However, the D’Angelo Russell fire was stoked recently and now it’s starting to burn brighter with the Sixers picking third. That’s who my definite choice is now anyway. After Russell, I’d select Justice Winslow, but after that it’s a crapshot. Hinkie would probably target one of the European forwards over Emmanuel Mudiay, but again, who knows other than the Hinkman himself?

I honestly would’t be surprised if Hinkie took one of the Euros at three over Russell. But until draft night comes and goes, I’ll envision D’Angelo Russell pulling up and knocking down shots from all over the court, dazzling the crowd with no-look passes and alley-oops to Noel and Joel.

This might be all for naught, but I’m excited for the D’Angelo Russell era to begin.

Other quick lottery thoughts:

  • Whichever big man the Lakers take at two (probably Okafor) is guaranteed to become a slam dunk hall-of-famer and that’s only because of the Lakers ridiculous history of big men. It also has the potential to be a big-time front court when Julius Randle gets back on the hardwood.
  • That Minnesota team will have a damn good young core with Wiggins and whichever big they select.
  • Dissappointed in the lack of other lottery picks for the Sixers, but they’ll still be there next year, at least one of them most likely. If Hinkie wants to move back into the first round, he’s got plenty of second round picks at his disposal.
  • The Sixers drafted Evan Turner at No.2 out in 2010… out of Ohio State. So, Russell will be a huge bust right? Sure, if you believe in negative idiotic theories and Murphy’s Law.
  • Time to put that scouting work to good use at No. 4 Phil.
  • If Nerlens was pimping the new Sixers jerseys tonight, I like ’em.
  • It’s amazing that the Draft Lottery show is 30 minutes long. Talk about a waste of time. The NBA needs to embrace change and social media and announce the picks via Twitter.

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