Patriots Seahawks Super Bowl 49 Selection


It’s Super Bowl Sunday and I don’t have to work! I’m totally elated (not deflated like many other Sundays and the Patriots game balls in the AFC Championship).  The Super Bowl is a definite holiday in my opinion. Like Christmas and Thanksgiving today just feels different. You wake up knowing something unique takes place later in the day. (P.S. I’m secretly excited for the Katy Perry halftime show. That alone makes this a holiday). 

This Super Bowl seems to have more historical significance than in recent years, with the Seahawks looking to become the first repeat champ since the 03-04 Pats, the Patriots looking to finally nab that elusive fourth Lombardi Trophy (only five teams have won more than three) and whether or not I’ll be able to make my own batch of buffalo chicken dip.

I’m going to take the Patriots here. I just can’t see Brady and Belichick losing three straight Super Bowls. I don’t think DeflateGate has any significance either, but I just think they’re slightly better than Seattle.

Why do I keep picking against Seattle? I’m not sure. They’re an elite team and franchise, the model the Eagles are trying to become, in my opinion. I was wrong in last year’s Super Bowl and I picked them to lose to the Saints in the NFC Championship this year. I picked Carolina to cover against them in the Divisional Round (was looking good for a little bit) and I picked Green Bay outright in the NFC title game which looked good until Green Bay pulled one of the greatest choke jobs of all time. (If the Eagles ever lost a game of that magnitude, in that fashion, you would never see or hear from me again).

It’s hard to repeat and just by getting here the Seahawks have proved the doubters like me wrong. But they have time on their side. The Patriots might not get here again, I know it’s hard to believe, but this could be it for the Brady/Belichick pairing.  Plus, it’s been more than a calendar year since Boston won a championship. That’s city’s due.

As of 2 p.m. EST the line is a pick em on Sportsbook. All five of the Patriots Super Bowls have been super close. I see it that way as well.  Here’s my fairly uninformed and analytic free selection:

Patriots 24- Seahawks 20 





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