Championship Sunday Selections

It’s Championship Sunday!….. and i have to work and miss both games. Meh, oh well.

I believe I only nailed the Ravens Pats game correctly last week. Can’t fault myself for taking the Cowboys outright, I mean, they were on the receiving end of a bizarre ruling from possibly winning that one.  Totally did not see the Colts blow through Denver like that. Can they do the same in New England today?

Heading into the playoffs I had Seattle and New England as my definite Super Bowl, with the outside shot of Dallas sneaking into the Big Game. Thankfully that won’t be the case. But will I stick to my guns and keep my selections? Let’s find out!

Packers at Seahawks  The Pick: Packers +8  Bad weather… Injured Aaron Rodgers… gimme Green Bay outright(remember, I don’t actually bet money on these games). Seriously though, I just feel like Seattle’s gonna blow this one. Plus, they haven’t played a quarterback this good, probably since Aaron Rodgers in week 1. Carolina played Seattle tough last week, so Green Bay should play them tougher. Plus, isn’t there some karma involved from the Fail Mary?

Colts at Patriots  The Pick: Patriots -7   I think the Pats stand in Andrew Luck’s way just one more time. It’s clear that Luck will rule the AFC for years to come, but for now, Tom Brady and his boys keep their grip on AFC supremacy. 



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