Worthless NFL Divisional Round Selections

I went 1-3 last week and it serves me right for taking the Steelers when I picked against them all year long. Other than the Steelers game, I can’t say I was surprised with any of the other results. It would’ve be lovely to see Detroit beat Dallas, but it was kind of inevitable from the start when Detroit took the lead, that you knew they were going to blow it.

On to round two

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Ravens at Patriots  The Pick: Ravens +7  Patriots win a close one, but the Ravens, who are lead by big-game Joe Flacco prove to be a tough out once again. Side note: Foxborough, vs Foxboro is wildly confusing. Wikipedia says Foxborough is the official version, but Foxboro can also be used. What the hell? 

Panthers at Seahawks  The Pick: Panthers +11.5   The Seahawks win by a touchdown or less. The last three meetings have been played in Carolina and Seattle won all three by five points or fewer. Should be an ugly, low scoring game, but not as bad as last week’s Panthers Cardinals game. 

Cowboys at Packers  The Pick: Cowboys +6  Cowboys outright! I know it seems crazy, but I don’t know how healthy Aaron Rodgers is, and the Cowboys have proven to be an excellent road team. Plus, I can already see the storylines now. Tony Romo returns to Seattle for the NFC Championship game. The site of his original sin, or first of many late-game errors, if you will. Regardless of this pick, I’ll be rooting for Green Bay like crazy. 

Colts at Broncos  The Pick: Broncos -7.5  The only favorite I’m taking to win outright. The Colts are on borrowed time, if they play anyone other than the Bengals last week, they probably lose. Plus, what’s the NFL playoffs without Peyton vs Brady with the Super Bowl on the line? 





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