NFL Week 16 Selections

I rebounded with a solid week selecting games last week,  but unfortunately my fantasy team and the Eagles came up brutally small when it mattered most. Not sure why I’m writing this because football season is STUPID. I guess the only reason I’m writing this post this week, is because I believe in finishing what I started.

On to Week 16

Last Week: 8-5-2   Season:103-87-7

Titans at Jags The Pick: Titans +4.5  The only reason to watch this game is to hear Jim Nantz feign enthusiasm to be in Jacksonville calling this one. 

Eagles at Redskins: The Pick: Eagles -8  I’ll say it again, but louder this time since they clearly didn’t hear me last week: WIN THIS FUCKING GAME EAGLES!!

Chargers at 49ers  The Pick: Chargers +1   Man what happened to Kaepernick? Loved that dude when he was playing well. 

Vikings at Dolphins  The Pick: Vikings +6.5  Things don’t look so good for Joe Philbin. 

Packers at Bucs  The Pick: Packers -11.5 Green Bay’s struggles on the road this year could have them hitting the road for the entirety of the playoffs if you can believe that. 

Lions at Bears  The Pick: Lions -9.5   The Bears are awful and going to Jimmy Clausen doesn’t even give me the slimmest of hopes then can help out the Eagles this weekend. 

Falcons at Saints  The Pick: Saints +6.5  Mercifully the NFC South will be should be decided this weekend.

Patriots at Jets  The Pick: Patriots -10.5  Pats might be may late-season Super Bowl pick. 

Chiefs at Steelers  The Pick: Steelers -3  The Steelers stink. Yes, I’ll keep saying that despite their record. 

Browns at Panthers  The Pick: Panthers -4   I think we’ve all seen enough of Money Manziel. 

Ravens at Texans  The Pick: Ravens -6 No clue who’s the QB for Houston. Case Keenum? 

Giants at Rams  The Pick:  Giants +6.5  Keep screwing up that good draft pick Giants! 

Colts at Cowboys: The Pick: Colts -3  Do I really need to explain this one?

Bills at Raiders  The Pick: Bills -6.5  Picking up the Bills D in FanDuel this week. 

Seahawks at Cardinals  The Pick: Seahawks -9  Seahawks D>>> Cards 3rd string QB

Broncos at Bengals  The Pick: Broncos -3.5  The good Bengals showed up last week, meaning the bad Bengals will arrive this Monday night. 





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