NFL Week 14 Selections

Woof. Terrible performance out of me last week, but to be honest, I’m surprised that hasn’t happened more often. Anyway, this is just for FUN and money is NOT involved. Yet, at least. Really thought the Eagles would win last week, but alas, they fall to another top team. Even if they make the postseason it’s hard to see them getting past the Divisional weekend, which is what my beliefs were heading into the year. Anyway, let’s hope the Birds and myself get back on track this week.

Last Week: 5-10-1  Season: 95-82-5

Cardinals at Rams  The Pick: Cardinals +5.5  I still like the Rams to win, but this will be an ugly close matchup. Really need the Cards to lose for the Eagles wild card chances, but also need their defense to score some points tonight. Definitely awkward feelings about this one tonight.

Raiders at Chiefs  The Pick: Raiders +10  Chiefs will win, but the Raiders will be a tough matchup, a reality the Chiefs already know too well. 

Jaguars at Ravens  The Pick: Jags +14 Sticking with the same theme here. Ravens win, but Jags manage to keep the score closer than we thought. Torrey Smith is a ? so not likely Ravens score crazy points this week. 

Steelers at Falcons  The Pick: Falcons -2.5  I think the Falcons definitely win the wretched NFC South.

Colts at Texans  The Pick: Colts -7  The Colts will likely be one and done in the playoffs, but they should have a big game offensively this week. 

Bengals at Browns  The Pick: Bengals +1.5 Not sure Johnny Manziel is good. Il wait and see before I pick him to win a game.

Dolphins at Pats  The Pick: Pats-7.5  New England slams the door on the Dolphins playoff hopes. 

Bucs at Panthers  The Pick: Panthers -3.5 This is the same matchup we had in Week 1, although I’ll go the opposite route and take Carolina this time. Tempting to take Tampa, but the Panthers will be fine with Derek Andersons. For this week at least. 

Redskins at Giants  The Pick: Giants -7  [Insert poop emoji here]

Packers at Bills  The Pick: Packers -6  When’s the last time Green Bay didn’t play a game in the freezing cold?  *checks* Sunday October 26 when they lost in New Orleans! They’re probably dying to get to Tampa next week. 

Jets at Titans  The Pick: Jets +3 Sorry Jets fans, looks like this is gonna cost you a better draft position this week. 

Broncos at Chargers  The Pick: Chargers -4.5  My upset of the week. San Diego almost pulled it off last week against the Pats. They play Denver tough and will win this week. 

Vikings at Lions  The Pick: Vikings +8  Detroit’s due to pull a terrible game out of its ass right?

49ers at Seahawks  The Pick: Seahawks -10  Hopefully this rivalry gets good again next year. Seattle wins out by the way and wins the NFC West. 

Cowboys at Eagles The Pick: Eagles -3.5 Win this fucking game Eagles. 

Saints at Bears  The Pick: Saints -3  It must be horrible to have to root for Jay Cutler. 






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