NFL Week 13 Selections

What a fantastic Thanksgiving. Hung out with friends and family, enjoyed a fantastic feast on more than one occasion, and watched the Eagles give the Cowboys a thrashing I’ll remember for the rest of my life. I also completely forgot to make my Week 12 picks on Friday after selecting three winners on Thanksgiving Day. Oh well.

Also, one thing that’s driving me nuts. The Eagles, who are 9-3, are set the play the defending Super Bowl Champions at the Linc on Sunday in the biggest home game in several years. Yet all the media is talking about midweek is the non-story of Chip going to Florida. Just utter nonsense.

Last week 3-0 Season: 90-72-4

Cowboys at Bears  The Pick: Bears -4  Ok, complete homer pick here, but it’s not unrealistic to see Chicago beat Dallas. After all it is December. And the Bears did play Chicago semi-tough on Turkey Day. 

Ravens at Dolphins  The Pick: Ravens +2.5  I know the Ravens lost Haloti Ngata, but I think Miami’s gonna lay an egg. 

Steelers at Bengals  The Pick: Bengals -3.5  I’ll say it again. The Steelers stink. 

Colts at Browns  The Pick: Colts -4  Andrew Luck vs Brian Hoyer?  Next. 

Texans at Jaguars  The Pick: Texans -6.5 No way the Jags win two in a row. Although this is as good a chance as any. 

Giants at Titans  The Pick: Titans +1.5  LOL Giants. But hey, Odell Beckham makes circus catches!!

Panthers at Saints The Pick: Saints -10  Don’t feel comfortable about this one, but after seeing the Saints offense get going last week and knowing the Panthers are devoid of offensive talent, I have to go this route. 

Bucs at Lions  The Pick: Bucs +10   Lions by a touchdown

Rams at Redskins  The Pick: Rams -3 Enjoying your season Desean?

Vikings at Jets  The Pick: Vikings -6  Vikings could be a team to watch out for next year. 

Bills at Broncos  The Pick: Broncos -10 Nice season for Buffalo, but Denver has little trouble this week. 

Chiefs at Cardinals (Pick)  The Pick: Chiefs  I don’t think Arizona makes the playoffs. 

49ers at Raiders  The Pick: Raiders +9  Could the Silver and black be auditioning for Jim Harbaugh? 

Seahawks at Eagles  The Pick: Eagles -1 Biggest home game for the Eagles in quite some time and I’ll be there. As long as Sanchez keeps turnovers to a bare minimum, I don’t see how the Eagles lose.

Patriots at Chargers  The Pick: Pats -4  Here’s the cliche Patriots coming off a loss explanation. However, that was a clutch win by the Chargers last week. 

Falcons at Packers  Packers -13   Man, Green Bay should destroy this team. 





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