A Review of Dumb and Dumber To

When it comes to watching movies I rarely watch one more than twice. I typically don’t like spending my time watching something I’ve already seen, even if it means I’ve lost the ability to capture the movie’s essence or relay classic lines. I’m always looking forward to movies I haven’t seen.

Now of course, if I really enjoy a film, I’ll likely go back and watch it again. But with YouTube, it makes it easier just watch your favorite scenes over and over again, without sitting down for an hour and a half plus.

When it comes to Dumb and Dumber, my favorite movie of all time, there is no limit to how many times I’ll sit down and watch. Whether it’s hearing the most annoying sound in the world, messing with Sea Bass, or licking frost of a ski lift chair, almost every scene in that movie still gets a chuckle out of me.

For years I wondered why they didn’t make a sequel and what a second film with Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey would look like. I personally felt they owed it to us, the loyal fans to give us what we so desired.  Especially in light of the botched prequel Dumb and Dumberer.

Finally after years of back and forth between different studios and the actors, they got their acts together and totally redeemed themselves to confirm a sequel.

I was stoked, yet very apprehensive, knowing that comedies usually aren’t as good the second time around, let alone 20 years later.

My worst fears started to become realized last year when I saw the first trailer and cringed. Hard. It looked like the Farrelly brothers and Daniels and Carrey were trying to hard to be funny.

Combined with a busy work schedule, predictably bad reviews from critics and not being able to see it on opening night, my interest in seeing the movie had waned considerably, as I saw it more than a week after it came out. I had long envisioned being the first one at the box office to see the film at midnight.

Anyway I went and saw Dumb To the Wednesday before Thanksgiving at Neshaminy’s AMC 24 Theatre. The film’s opening scene was cringe-worthy, not just content wise, but because it wasn’t funny.  I may not have had a real laugh until about 10-15 minutes into the movie. Although the directors did grant my wish of reprising this in the opening minutes.

I thought Jim Carrey’s performance was forced and Jeff Daniels was just so-so. The plot was rehashed and most of the notable jokes that have made their way into everyday jargon came back as well. Off went Llyod and Harry going across country in a goofy vehicle in search of a pretty girl where they had to deliver a package in which they had no idea what was inside. Even the ending was similar when it turned out the FBI had been involved with the criminals Lloyd and Harry had to unknowingly circumvent.

I’m not a filmmaker and certainly not a comedian, so I don’t know how hard it is to write comedies. I will point out that I thought the Hangover 2 sucked. largely because followed the exact same plot points as the original. But in Hangover 3, it was funnier and more interesting because they mixed up the story a little bit.

Still despite it all, I enjoyed the movie. It had its moments, noticeably a hilarious fart gag at the expense of Rob Riggle’s character (I’ll never be too old for those). I think it was more for sentimentality. I mean, I think I enjoyed the trip down memory lane provided as the credits rolled, showing  old scenes with ones from Dumb To.

Watching Dumb To, it felt like two well-known actors just acting stupid and at often times downright crude. In the original, it was like you were watching two harmless morons, it was totally believable. Honestly, some of the gags the Llyod and Harry pulled throughout the movie were probably a little above their diminutive intellects but I digress.

I know I’m coming off as being disappointed in the movie, but I really did enjoy watching the characters on screen on these years later. I knew what I was getting in to when I walked through the door to the theater and it certainly wasn’t going to be settling down to watch an Oscar-winning film.

I’m grateful to the Farrelly Brothers and Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey for cleary listening to the fans and finding time to make this movie. And if they make a third Dumb and Dumber, you can bet I’ll be there.



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