Eagles-Cowboys Thanksgiving Day Beatdown Recap

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Wow, that was satisfying.

And I’m not talking about the fantastic Thanksgiving Feast organized by my family, (that was outstanding.) I’m talking about the pummeling the Eagles gave Jerruh and the Cowboys down in Big D. I’ve always wanted to watch the Eagles play Dallas on Thanksgiving in front of a national audience. And to see them beat Dallas so badly was more than I could ever ask for. Especially when I had a bag feeling heading into the game.

To the bullet points!

  • Fletcher Cox. What a beastly performance, single-handedly dominating a, dare I say, overrated Dallas D line?
  • For this team to actually think about going far in the playoffs, they will need Sanchez, or Foles to play a clean game. Obviously both have had issues with that this year, but on Thursday Sanchez was very good. No turnovers and was actually a decent threat to run the ball.
  • Much has been said about Shady’s performances this year, and the offensive line for that matter. Yesterday the two unit’s had their
  • The first two scoring drives by the Eagles was probably the fastest I’d seen this team run the tempo offense and have success in Chip’s tenure. The closest other performance was last season in the Monday night opener at Washington. The Cowboys D was gassed by the second drive.
  • I can’t figure out Bradley Fletcher and Cary Williams. I still don’t think the Eagles are winning anything with this cornerback tandem, but they do find ways to put together some surprisingly-good performances against elite receivers.
  • Glad to Maclin and Sanchez on the same page yesterday. Maclin’s been a bit quiet since Sanchez came in during the Texans game a few weeks ago.
  • Red zone offense is without a doubt the fly in the ointment. I think they’ll get it figured out.

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