NFL Week 12 Selections

I went 9-4 last week, not too shabby! Although I completely forgot to pick the Broncos-Rams game, which would’ve certainly dropped my record to 9-5. Also two of the four picks I got wrong, I got hilariously wrong. Let’s remind ourselves of these two right now and then never speak of them again:

Eagles at Packers The Pick: Eagles +6.5 Everyone’s picking Green Bay, but I don’t think people realize how tough this Eagles team is. They won’t have a defensive performance like on Monday, but they’ll make Aaron Rodgers earn his keep this week. 

Patriots at Colts  The Pick: Colts -2.5 I like the Colts BIG this week. Make it my lock. 

Oh no. Let’s just move on to Week 12 and quickly, shall we?

Last week 9-4 Season: 87-72-4

Chiefs at Raiders The Pick: Raiders +7.5  The Raiders aren’t going winless, I think they’ll beat Buffalo or St. Louis, but they’ll lose a close one tonight. 

Browns at Falcons The Pick: Falcons -3.5 Josh Gordon’s return won’t be enough to help beat the first place(???) Falcons. 

Titans at Eagles The Pick: Eagles -11 Coming off that debacle at Lambeau, the Eagles need to make quick work of this team and prepare for Dallas

Lions at Patriots The Pick: Patriots -7  Really wish I didn’t draft Stafford in Fantasy. Thankfully, I didn’t draft him in both of my leagues. I drafted Luck in the other. That worked well. 

Packers at Vikings  The Pick: Packers -10  The Packers take their “We’re going to End This Game By Halftime” show on the road this weekend.

Jags at Colts  The Pick: Jags +14  Points aplenty in this game, but Colts will, easily. Jags cover with garbage time points. 

Bengals at Texans The Pick: Bengals -1.5   Could the site of two playoff horror shows for Andy Dalton give him motivation to finally put it all together? 

Bucs at Bears  The Pick: Bucs+6  Lovie Smith’s revenge! 

Cardinals at Seahawks  The Pick: Seahawks -7  Just can’t see Arizona winning this one. 

Rams at Chargers The Pick: Chargers -4.5  I can’t endorse Shaun Hill. I don’t care that he beat Denver. 

Dolphins at Broncos  The Pick: Dolphins +7.5  Broncos win a close one. Too banged up for me to pick them -7.5. 

Redskins at 49ers  The Pick: 49ers -4.5  Any guesses where DJax lands next year? Or RGIII perhaps? Also, wait a second. 

Cowboys at Giants  The Pick: Giants +3.5  Something tells me the Giants will get up for Dallas just like Washington did.

Ravens at Saints  The Pick: Ravens +3   Officially giving up on the Saints









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