NFL Week 11 Selections

Last Week: 9-4 Season 78-68-4

Bills at Dolphins  The Pick: Dolphins -4.5  Dolphins coming off a tough road loss. Bills traveling on a short week without their top two backs. Gimme Miami. 

Texans at Browns  The Pick: Texans +3.5  Not sure why I’m going with Ryan Mallet here, but I think Cleveland is due for a loss. 

Vikings at Bears The Pick: Bears -3.5  The Bears are terrible and their season is over, but they have to have a little pride, right? 

Seahawks at Chiefs  The Pick: Chiefs -2  It’s the battle of the two loudest stadiums!….in Arrowhead.  Seattle is a different team on the road. Actually they’re a different team altogether this season. 

Falcons at Panthers The Pick: Falcons -1  I just can’t pick Carolina after watching them on Monday. They have nothing on offense. 

Bengals at Saints  The Pick: Saints -7.5  Two disappointing teams, but it appears Andy Dalton is going full Andy Dalton. 

Bucs at Redskins The Pick: Bucs +7.5 Somehow Tampa Bay is still alive in the NFC South race. If they want to pull off this miracle, this matchup is a good way to get started. 

49ers at Giants  The Pick: 49ers-4.5 Monster road win last week for San Fran, however controversial. Can they avoid the letdown this week, with another cross country flight(I’m assuming they’re flying cross country again). 

Raiders at Chargers  The Pick: Raiders +10.5  I think Oakland keeps this one close. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they won. 

Eagles at Packers The Pick: Eagles +6.5 Everyone’s picking Green Bay, but I don’t think people realize how tough this Eagles team is. They won’t have a defensive performance like on Monday, but they’ll make Aaron Rodgers earn his keep this week. 

Lions at Cardinals  The Pick: Cardinals -1  The Cardinals are due for a loss, but since they’re at home, I’ll pick them one more week. 

Patriots at Colts  The Pick: Colts -2.5 I like the Colts BIG this week. Make it my lock. 

Steelers at Titans  The Pick: Steelers -6.5  Correctly calling the Jets upset of the Stillers gave me much joy last week. Unfortuantely I can’t pick the Steelers to lose twice in a row to bad teams. They seem to like to spread out their bad losses.





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