Eagles Panthers Post-Game Recap

Writing this with an entire 4th Quarter left to play. Eagles up 38-7.

  • There’s domination and there’s what the Eagles did to the Panthers tonight. Beyond impressive.
  • Don’t want to hear that Newton was banged up. The Eagles simply dominated a bad team, like good teams should.
  • Eagles defense and special teams continue to be awesome. The pass rush has been very good from what I’ve seen the last few weeks(I did not watch the Arizona game yet.)
  • Mark Sanchez was a little skittish early in the game. He improved as the game progressed( and is still in for some reason here in the fourth) but will need to be much better in a game that should be close at Lambeau.
  • Monster game for Jordan Matthews, who is clearly Sanchez’s favorite target so far. He also had a monster game the last time I wrote one of these recaps, so perhaps I should write more of these.
  • Sproles is one of the funnest players to ever put on a Eagles uniform. Need to think about this more. but he’s probably in my top 10 favorite Eagles.
  • Back to the quarterback picture, starting to think it doesn’t matter who plays QB in this offense.

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