NFL Week 10 Selections

Week 10 is here, and for someone who’s not watching much football this season, I don’t think I’m doing too badly. Either that or I’m guessing well. One thing I’m learning as I make these weekly picks is that if you have a hunch, don’t go the opposite way on it. Last week, I specifically said the Browns weren’t playing well against bad teams, yet I picked them to win by 7. The won by 5. Of course, any sage gambler could say if you have a hunch, go the opposite way.

Bottom line is, I’m enjoying making these picks(especially since $$$ isn’t involved) and I love watching what football I can. I could sit here and study trends in home underdogs vs road favorites and all of those other trendy tools gamblers like to use, but I just enjoy going off of pure random feel. For now, I’ll stick to losing money on FanDuel and my regular fantasy leagues and just keep making these completely irrelevant picks.

Last Week: 7-6  Season: 69-64-4

Browns at Bengals: The Pick: Bengals -6.5 With Jeremy Hill’s emergence, the Bengals won’t miss Giovanni Bernard too much. Plus, the Browns recent efforts against lousy teams have left me less enthused with them then I was earlier this season. 

Cowboys at Jaguars* (Game in London) The Pick: Cowboys-7  Romo or no Romo, the Cowboys win this week. 

Dolphins at Lions  The Pick: Lions -3 Tough call here, but give me the rested lions and the very well-rested Megatron. 

Chiefs at Bills The Pick: Chiefs -2.5  Any pretenses that the Bills are good usually end by this time of year. 

49ers at Saints  The Pick: Saints-5.5  That loss for the 49ers last week was just brutal. Only gonna get worse this week, as the Saints cruise at home. 

Titans at Ravens:  The Pick: Titans+10 Maybe it’s because I picked up Kendall Wright as an emergency play in fantasy this week, or it’s because the Ravens secondary is banged up, but I think the Titans keep it close. 

Steelers at Jets  The Pick: Jets +6   I refuse to accept that the Steelers might be good. 

Falcons at Bucs The Pick: Falcons -3 It’s hard to believe after that week 3 massacre that the Bucs are only a three point underdog to Atlanta. But the Falcons have really fallen far since then. 

Rams at Cardinals  The Pick: Rams +7.5 Gimme Arizona in a squeaker. 

Giants at Seahawks  The Pick: Seahawks -9.5  If the Seahawks want to try to reestablish their dominance in the NFC, the hapless Giants are a good place to start. 

Broncos at Raiders The Pick: Broncos-12 No explanation needed.

Bears at Packers  The Pick: Packers -7.5  This is probably the last realistic shot for the Bears if they want to save their season, but I think Rodgers and Co. shuts the door on their season at Lambeau. 

Panthers at Eagles The Pick: Eagles -6.5 In Sanchize we trust! Not sure I can say the same about Casey Matthews and Emmanuel Acho, however.







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