NFL Week Nine Selections

I had a bad feeling about my picks last week, but overall they turned out ok as I ended up one game above .500. Boy was I sure glad to pick that Cowboys game wrong. Eagles remain a half game out of first, and while trying to pick correctly all these games can be fun, the only wins and losses I care about are of the team in midnight green(which they have yet to actually wear this season.)

Onward to Week 9!

Last Week: 8-7 Season 63-57-4

Saints at Panthers  The Pick: Saints -3.5 A win tonight should pretty much secure the weak NFC South for the Saints.

Chargers at Dolphins  The Pick: Dolphins -1.5  Chargers are dealing with some injuries and just a brutal stretch right now. I think (emphasis on think) that Miami is a solid team. This weekend will determine that. 

Jags at Bengals  The Pick: Bengals -11  Last week’s win over Baltimore should give the Bengals all the momentum they need. 

Bucs at Browns  The Pick: Browns -7  Cleveland’s been struggling with the Jags and Raiders, so I was tempted to pick Tampa to cover, but then I remembered they were Tampa. 

Redskins at Vikings The Pick Redskins +1 After their huge win over Dallas, I could certainly see a letdown for Washington. But I think they’ll pull this one out. 

Eagles at Texans  The Pick: Eagles -2.5   J.J. Watt scares the hell out of me, but he’s the only one on that Texans team that does. Really hope Foles has a turnover free game this week. 

Jets at Chiefs  The Pick: Chiefs -10  Go crazy with the passing game this week, Big Red. 

Cardinals at Cowboys  The Pick: Cardinals +3 I think the Cardinals could win at Dallas with or without Romo. Still, I have no idea how either of these teams are good. 

Rams at 49ers  The Pick: 49ers -10   The Austin Davis shine has officially worn off. 

Broncos at Patriots  The Pick: Broncos -3.5 Here’s my explanation: Denver is better. 

Raiders at Seahawks  The Pick: Raiders +15  No way am I laying that many points, Seattle is struggling and Oakland still wants to win. Tampa almost won in Seattle last year in a very similar scenario to this game. 

Ravens at Steelers  The Pick: Ravens -1.5  I really don’t think the Steelers are that good. 

Colts at Giants  The Pick: Colts -3.5  In a season of strange results, last week’s Steelers victory of the Colts may have been the strangest. 










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