NFL Week Seven Selections

The good times keep on rolling, as I posted another 10 win week, and the Eagles enter the by week tied for the best record in the league.

Love you, football.

And hey, we actually had a Thursday Night Game that was somewhat compelling last week. Progress!

(Publishing my first few selections early, because Chrome keeps crashing this page! Pretty Frustrating)

UPDATE: Friday 7 p.m.  Let’s see if Chrome let’s me finish making my picks. Oh yeah, there was a totally out of the blue NFL trade today. Percy Harvin to the Jets…. which doesn’t make a ton of sense for a 1-6 team, but ok then! I don’t mind it for Seattle. They won the Super Bowl last year, with him on the sidelines most of the year.

Last Week 10-3-2  Season 49-43-4

Jets at Patriots  The Pick: Pats-10  It’s going to be ugly weather-wise and football-wise tonight. Could see this being a 16-0 type of result. 

Bengals at Colts  The Pick: Colts -3.5  This should be a fun, high-scoring shootout. Gimme the Colts at home, however. 

Titans at Redskins  The Pick: Titans+5.5  I think the Titans get off the snide against an equally bad Washington team. 

Dolphins at Bears The Pick: Bears -3.5  The Bears need to be more consistent. Good chance to do so with the Dolphins coming to town this week. 

Seahawks at Rams The Pick: Seahawks -7   LAP. Life after Percy begins, although was he ever actually there? The Seahawks will be fine, this is a defensive team.

Panthers at Packers The Pick: Panthers +6.5  Think the Packers win at home, but the Panthers are definitely no slouch, I was wrong on them. Fortunately, no tie this week.

Falcons at Ravens  The Pick: Ravens -6.5  I think the Ravens crush Atlanta, who will probably begin sniffing around potential head coaches as the season becomes more and more of a lost cause.

Vikings at Bills: The Pick: Bills-5.5 Believe in Kyle Orton!  Actually… don’t… don’t do that. 

Saints at Lions  The Pick: Saints +2.5 I immediately regret this pick.

Chiefs at Chargers  The Pick: Chiefs +4  The Chargers are due for a letdown. 

Giants at Cowboys  The Pick: Giants +6.5 No way the Giants lose badly to another divisional foe. 

Cardinals at Raiders The Pick: Cardinals -4  Oakland will get a win one of these weeks, but the Cards are too well coached to fall short in this scenario. 

49ers at Broncos: The Pick: Broncos; -7   Peyton’s apparently about to break another passing record and Patrick Willis is likely out for San Fran. 

Texans at Steelers The Pick: Texans +3 Go get em Bob!







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