NFL Week Six Selections

Week six is upon us… is this the week the football Gods decide to award us a watchable Thursday Night game? Doubtful.

Had my best week of the year last week going 10-4-1. Season total: 39-40-2

Colts at Texans  The Pick: Colts-3  For the second time in three weeks, a road team will emerge victorious on America’s least favorite variation of it’s favorite pastime. 

Broncos at Jets  The Pick: Broncos -9.5   I play Peyton in two fantasy leagues this week. Welp. 

Steelers at Browns  The Pick: Browns -1.5  Making this my lock of the week. 

Jaguars at Titans  The Pick: Jags +5  Stating the obvious, but this game stinks. 

Packers at Dolphins  The Pick; Packers -3  Keep throwing the ball to Jordy, Aaron. 

Lions at Vikings  The Pick: Vikings -2 Teddy’s back for the Vikings, plus no Megatron most likely for Detroit

Panthers at Bengals  The Pick: Bengals -6.5 Thinking a flip-flop in performance in both teams from their week five editions is in order here. 

Pats at Bills  The Pick: Pats-3  The Pats might not be “done” but look at that division. 

Ravens at Bucs  The Pick: Ravens-3.5 Tampa clearly responding to the ass kicking they suffered three weeks ago. Think the Ravens win this one though. 

Chargers at Raiders The Pick: Chargers -7.5 Oakland is Oakland.

Bears at Falcons  The Pick: Falcons -3  These two teams are pretty similar. Going with the home team in this matchup. 

Cowboys at Seahawks  The Pick: Cowboys +9  I really hope Seattle crushes these guys, but I honestly think Dallas keep it close. 

Redskins at Cardinals  The Pick: Cards -3.5  I do miss Desean Jackson. It’s a shame the last couple years of his prime will be wasted in D.C. 

Giants at Eagles  The Pick; Eagles -2.5  Eagles by a field goal seems right to me.

49ers at Rams  The Pick: 49ers -3.5  This should be a fairly interesting game. The Rams, while they’ll be facing a better defense this week, can definitely move the ball. 






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