NFL Week 5 Selections

A quarter of the season is in the books. Holy cow, where is the time going?

Last week: 6-7

Season: 29-36-1

Vikings at Packers The Pick: Packers -9.5  After a rare road win last Thursday Night, the Packers will get things back to the Thursday Night Football we all known and love which is a home team with a blowout win. 

Bears at Panthers  The Pick: Bears +2.5 Both of these teams were embarrassed last week, but the Bears simply have more talent.  

Browns at Titans  The Pick: Browns  +1  How did the Titans beat the Chiefs in Week 1? 

Rams at Eagles  The Pick: Eagles -7  Please get the running game going this week Chip & Shady. 

Falcons at Giants The Pick: Giants -4 I think the Giants might have figured out this offense thing. 

Bucs at Saints  The Pick: Bucs +10  Something’s just not right with the Saints. Even though they eliminated me from two survival leagues, I wanna give the Bucs a pat on the back for that hilarious win over the Stillers. 

Texans at Cowboys  The Pick; Texans +6 Unfortunately I think the Cowboys will win,  but JJ Watt will not go away quietly. 

Bills at Lions  The Pick: Lions -7   The Bills are going to wish they never traded away that extra 1st for Sammy Watkins. 

Ravens at Colts   The Pick: Colts-3.5 I know the Colts just played the Titans and Jags, but I think Andrew Luck keeps the momentum going at home. 

Steelers at Jaguars  The Pick:  Steelers -6.5   This is the last time this year I pick the Steelers to win outright or cover. 

Cardinals at Broncos   The Pick: Broncos -8  Peyton home and off a bye? Yeah, sorry Arizona. 

Chiefs at 49ers   The Pick: Chiefs +6  49ers will win, but the Chiefs, who have turned their season around will make it interesting.

Jets at Chargers  The Pick: Chargers -7  I think we see Vick this week for the Jets. 

Bengals at Pats  The Pick: Bengals -1  Hard to believe this could be the end of the Pats. 

Seahawks at Redskins  The Pick: Seahawks -7.5   LOL Kirk Cousins. 


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