NFL Week 4 Selections

Getting an early post out on this, due to my work schedule. I’m just going to post the Thursday Night prediction now, and will post the rest of them tonight (I hope).

If you’re wondering why I continue to make picks for these dreadful Thursday night games, it’s because 1. they’re usually an easy W. 2 Tonight’s game features two NFC East teams, so I actually have interest in making a pick for this game as well as watching it.

Last Week: 10-6  Season:23-29-1

Giants at Redskins The Pick: Redskins -3.5 Both times showed me something last week. but I think the Redskns and Kirk Cousins showed me more. Plus, I it’s really hard to not take the home team on a short week. 

Update 10:45 p.m.

Hey, I’m back from work and lookie here! Already 0-1 this week. Don’t worry, the rest of these are pure winners.

Dolphins at Raiders  The Pick: Dolphins -3.5 Almost, ALMOST took the Raiders. But I’ll give the Dolphins one more chance. 

Packers  at Bears The Pick: Bears +1.5   Why are the Packers favored?

Bills at Texans  The Pick: Texans -3  The quarterbacks in this game. Yikes. 

Titans at Colts  The Pick: Colts -7.5  The Titans are awful. 

Panthers at Ravens The Pick: Ravens -3.5 Now we might start to see the Panthers team we expected. 

Lions at Jets The Pick: Lions -2.5 I refuse to pick a team that has Geno Smith on it. 

Tampa at Steelers The Pick: Steelers -7.5 The Steelers are my suicide pool pick this week. Thanks for making me want to root for the Stillers, Tampa. 

Jaguars at Chargers The Pick: Jags +13.5 The only reason I’m picking the Jags is because of Bortles and the fact I got burned badly on Raiders-Pats last week. 

Eagles at 49ers   The Pick: 49ers +4.5 Eagles win, but barely, to move to 4-0! 

Falcons(-3) at Vikings  The Pick: Falcons -3 Teddy Bridgewater can’t save the Vikings’ sinking ship. 

Saints at Cowboys The Pick: Saints-3 You’re not playing Tennessee or St. Louis this week, Jerruh. 

Patriots (-3.5) at Chiefs The Pick: Pats-3.5   Real tough one here for the Pats, I could see the game going either way. 


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