Eagles Redskins Instant Classic Recap

Here are some unfiltered and unprocessed thoughts on the madness that was Eagles-Redskins.

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  • 3-0!!! That’s all that matters. First time since 2004 and man it feels good.
  • Foles is a tough SOB. This game should endear him to whatever haters he had left. Dude was brutalized(one time blatantly) and kept getting up. Also, his mobility and ability to keep players alive was HUGE. He doesnt’ have blazing speed, but that doesn’t matter.
  • Besides being a racist, disrespectful organization, the Redskins are cheap shot artists. Pieces of shit, all of them. Chris Bakers deserves a four-game suspension. But then again this is the NFL and they can’t seem to get anything right these days. Baker was clearly trying to injure Foles and take him out of the game.
  • The Eagles o-line was not good, but what do you expect when three starters are missing? Good news: No Aldon Smith next week and Lane Johnson comes back in just one more game.
  • Good on Jason Peters, even if he was ejected, to defend his quarterback. Love that dude.
  • Chris Polk. Who knew?
  • I wanted to see more from the receivers today and I saw it. Jordan Matthews definitely had his best game as an Eagle and Jeremy Maclin probably his best as well. Maclin’s day could’ve been better if it wasn’t for Jason Kelce’s unnecessary penalty.
  • The defense: Yikes. The game wasn’t all positive and the defense was a big reason why. Yes, they came up big when it mattered most, but they made Kirk Cousins look like a hall of famer. Boykin and Jenkins were the only two who impressed on defense for me.
  • Desean? He got his. Also got a nice loss.
  • Looking ahead: IF, and it’s a huge if, they Birds win next week at the 49ers, when does this team lose? It’s quite possible they head into the bye week 6-0.

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