Week 3 NFL Selections

Went below 500 last week, finishing with a record of 5-9. And yes, I did somehow forget to predict the Houston/Oakland and Green Bay/New York Jets games. Both of those would have probably been wins, but alas, my incompetence gets in the way again.

Season record: 13-16-1

On to week 4.

Bucs at Falcons  The Pick: Falcons -6.5  The Bucs are not who we thought they were going to be ( Dennis Green voice). 

Chargers at Bills  The Pick: Chargers -2.5  Still skeptical on the Bills. Chances are I’ll regret this one when looking back at this pick next week. 

Cowboys at Rams  The Pick: Cowboys -1   I can’t believe Dallas beat Tennessee last week. Gotta think they’ll beat a lesser team in St. Louis right? 

Redskins at Eagles  The Pick: Eagles -6.5  I think the Birds win another ugly game.  Kirk Cousins worries me slightly. 

Texans at Giants  The Pick: Texans -2  Same reason as last week, not picking the Giants until they win or look semi-competent.

Vikings at Saints  The Pick: Saints -10.5   No way the Saints start 0-3. 

Titans at Bengals  The Pick: Bengals -7  The Bengals are really good, but especially at home. The Titans seem like these years Jekyll and Hyde team. 

Ravens at Browns  The Pick: Browns +1.5 Cleveland outright! Hoyer does a nice job with that team. 

Packers at Lions The Pick: Lions -2.5  I have Stafford and Megatron on the same fantasy team, so I anticipate points aplenty this week. 

Colts at Jaguars  The Pick: Colts -7  I do think the Jags will be better this year, but it’s gonna take awhile. Or at least until they start playing Bortles. 

Raiders at Patriots  The Pick: Pats-14.5  This is a big number to expect the Pats to cover. Oh wait, they’re playing Oakland. 

49ers at Cardinals  The Pick: Cardinals +3  I Think the Cardinals will keep surprising people. 

Broncos at Seahawks  The Pick: Seahawks -4.5 Can’t wait to watch this one. I just cant pick against Seattle at home, especially coming off a loss. 

Chiefs at Dolphins  The Pick: Dolphins -4.5  The Chiefs aren’t good this year. 

Steelers at Panthers  The Pick: Panthers -3.5   This line needs to be 4 points higher. 

Bears at Jets  The Pick: Bears -2.5  Toss up here. The Jets look better than I thought, but I’ll play it safe and take the Bears.





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