Week 2 NFL Selections

In Week 1, I went 8-7-1 which is better than I anticipated especially for the hard to predict opening week of the season. Looking back at it, I’m fine with all of my picks…minus the Cowbys -5 over San Fran. Oh Boy.

On to Week 2

Steelers at Ravens The Pick: Ravens -2.5  I hate this matchup and wish the NFL would stop forcing this rivalry on us. Neither of these teams is very good. But I think the Ravnes, prevail despite the Ray Rice controversy. Plus, the Steelers almost choked that game away versus the Browns, while the Ravnes lost to a good Bengals squad. And I hate taking road teams on Thursday night. 

Patriots at Vikings  The Pick: Pats -3  I’m in wait and see mode on the Vikings, and while this is cliche, it’s hard to pick the Pats to lose two in a row. 

Lions at Panthers  The Pick: Lions -2.5  I think the Lions can be really good this year and still need to see more from Carolina. Beating the Bucs doesn’t change some of the questions I have about that offense.

Dolphins at Bills  The Pick: Dolphins -1 Both are coming off surprise wins, and the Bills have the momentum of a new owner who will keep them in their beloved city for the foreseeable future.  I just think the Dolphins are a tad better. 

Jaguars at Redskins  The Pick: Jaguars +5.5 While the Eagles were brutal in that first half, the Jags played well and are definitely better than last year. The Redskins look lost, as expected. Gimme the Jags to win this one outright. 

Cowboys at Titans  The Pick: Titans -3.5  Man, I would be stunned if Dallas won this game. 

Cardinals at Giants  The Pick: Cardinals -2.5 Tough travel week for the Cards coming off the Monday nighter and flying East, but I need to see the Giants win a game an look competent before I pick them to win. Plus, the Cardinals defense was better than expected. 

Saints at Browns  The Pick: Browns +6.5 The Browns are feisty, and while I believe the Saints will win, this will not be a cakewalk. 

Falcons at Bengals  The Pick: Bengals -5.5 Oh my, this is tough. Almost a toss up, but I’m gonna go with the home team. 

Rams at Buccaneers: The Pick: Bucs-6 Not only did the Rams lose 34-6 last week, AT HOME but now Chris Long is out for extended period of time, weakening the best unit on that squad. At least there’s Marcus Mariota to look forward to Rams fans. 

Seahawks at Chargers  The Pick: Seahawks -6  The best team in football keeps rolling. 

Chiefs at Broncos  The Pick: Broncos -12  The Chiefs are not good and they won’t get any better if Andy plays keep-the-football-away-from Jamaal Charles. 

Bears at 49ers  The Pick: 49ers -7  So much for the 49ers taking a huge step back and the Bears being a chic sleeper pick for the Super Bowl. 

Eagles at Colts  The Pick: -3.5  I trust Foles to rebound and even though the Birds’ offensive line is banged up, the Colts are missing Robert Mathis. Andrew Luck does frighten me, however, and this game will likely be decided in the final minutes. 






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