NFL Season Predictions

Here are some predictions for this upcoming(actually it’s pretty much here, kickoff in Seattle is less than an hour away) season. While in my mind, I always have the Eagles winning the Big Game, that’s usually not the case. Although I like their chances this year, as usual, they’re probably a year or two away. Here’s a slightly more plausible outcome.

NFC Division Winners

Eagles (3)

Packers (4)

Saints (1)

Seahawks (2)


Bears (5)

49ers (6)

Quick thoughts here: I’m pretty much sold on all of these teams as playoff teams except the 49ers. I could definitely see them missing out and a team like Atlanta or Detroit sneaking into that last playoff spot.

NFC Wildcard Round

(3)Eagles over 49ers (6)

(4) Packers over Bears (5)

NFC Divisional Round 

(2) Seahawks over Eagles (3)

(1) Saints over Packers (4)

NFC Championship Game

Saints over Seahawks

Now to the AFC…

AFC Division Winners

Patriots (1)

Bengals (3)

Colts (4)

Broncos (2)


Chargers (5)

Texans (6)

Quick thoughts: This conference bores the shit out of me, so I wanted to spice it up with a surprise playoff team in Houston. They could definitely be this year’s Chiefs.

AFC Wildcard Round

(3) Bengals over Texans (6)

(4) Colts over Chargers (5)

AFC Divisional Round 

(4) Colts over Pats (1)

(2) Broncos over Bengals (3)

AFC Championship Game

(4) Colts over Broncos (1)

And the winner of Super Bowl 49 is…

Saints over Colts

Can’t wait to see how hilariously wrong I am in February. Football is here! Go Birds!


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