Week 1 NFL Picks

FOOTBALL IS BACK…. and I’m wildly uneducated this year. With my new job, I really haven’t followed the league as closely as I did last year. My fantasy drafts were pretty much done, with one eye closed and the occasional flip of a coin.

Of course, I’ve done some reading, but I still feel pretty behind. Plu, I work on Sundays, so I really won’t get to see many games at all this year. Basically what I’m saying is if my week to week picks are going down the toilet, I probably will stop making guesses selections.

Anyway, here’s my picks for Week 1. Quick reminder, I use the lines from Sportsbook.com and these are always done on Thursday. I’d throw in a quick point about my record last year, but it probably sucked and I’m too lazy to go back and add it all up. Honesty is good, people.

Green Bay at Seattle  The Pick: Seattle – 6  The Reason: Defending champs are almost enitrely intact from last year and have the best homefield in the league. They rarely lose at home and won’t tonight. 

Saints at Falcons  The Pick: Falcons +3  The Saints are the chic NFC Super Bowl selection, I think they stumble out of the gates as the Falcons try to reestablish themselves as contenders. 

Vikings at Rams  The Pick: Rams-3.5   Don’t like any of these teams this year, but I’ll go with the Rams and that defensive line. 

Browns at Steelers The Pick: Browns +7  Both of these teams stink as well. The Browns should make this a game, even without Josh Gordon. I still like the Steelers to win by three though. 

Jaguars at Eagles  The Pick: Eagles -11  The Jags should be improved, but there’s no way they have enough to slow down the Eagles offense. Unless Foles just has a meltdown which is hugely unlikely. I could see this being a 23-10 24-7 type of score. 

Raiders at Jets The Pick: Jets -5.5  David Carr making his debut against Rex Ryan defense is not optimal. But you gotta start somewhere. 

Bengals at Ravens The Pick: Bengals +1.5  No Ray Rice for the Ravens is a difference for me here. I think Andy Dalton steps up and silences critics this year as well. That might seem silly, but is it as silly as Eli Manning and Joe Flacco winning Super Bowls?

Bills at Bears  The Pick: Bears -7  Everyone seems to love the Bears this year and offensively I can see why. But defense has question marks for me. They should have no problem against the Bills this week though. 

Redskins at Texans The Pick: Texans +3  Obviously a big Bill O’Brien fan, I think he’ll do a nice job in Houston. I’m not sold on RG3 or Jay Gruden. Both of these teams are recent playoff contenders, but I see Houston returning to competitive form before the Redskins. 

Titans at Chiefs  The Pick: Titans +3.5 I think the Chiefs take a step back this year and the Titans take a step forward with the hiring of Ken Whisenhunt. Titans outright. 

Patriots at Dolphins The Pick: Patriots -5 The Dolphins are a solid team, but will have to see how that new offensive line looks. The Patriots are too good. 

Panthers at Buccaneers  The Pick: Bucs -2.5 Panthers take a MAJOR step back this season. That wide receiving core. Yikes. 

49ers at Cowboys The Pick: Cowboys +5 My upset pick. Both of these teams are a mess, but the 49ers have too much of a negative aura around them right now. Cowboys win this in a shootout. 

Colts at Broncos The Pick: Colts +7.5 Aside from the Thursday night game, this is probably the best game of the weekend(hence the Sunday night showcase). The Colts will make this a game, but Denver is on a mission and won’t stumble out of the gate. 

Giants at Lions  The Pick: Lions -6 Don’t like either team’s defense and from what I’ve read, the Giants are struggling with the new offense. 

Chargers at Cardinals  The Pick: Cardinals -3 Honestly a toss up here. I think the Chargers will get off to a slow start this year, but will get back on the playoff track by midseason. 





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