NBA Draft Night!

Good god man, it’s finally here!!! The NBA Draft is Finally Here!! And guess what, the Sixers aren’t going to get Andrew Wiggins!!!

Ok, I don’t really need multiple exclamation marks after that last sentence, but you already knew I Was being sarcastic.

I’ve accepted the fact that #winlessforwiggins was a colossal waste of time and Twitter character (you only get 140 you know).

And to think, if Joel Embiid’s foot could have just held up two more weeks…

But as I said last week, as much as I like Wiggins, I’d like to see the Sixers keep their two first round picks and reap a bountiful harvest along with some of their five second rounders.

The moment is finally here (and my toilet is on the fritz, again) so I have to keep this short.


Let’s do this Hinkie!!



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