Delayed Reaction: Sixers Get the 3rd and 10th Picks in the NBA Draft

So far so good.

That’s what I tweeted at one point this past Tuesday as the lottery moved up towards the top three spots, slowly but surely eliminating teams not named the Sixers.

After it was revealed the Magic would be selecting fourth, I did one of my patented awkad white-guy-who-fortunately-for-him-lives-alone-and-nobody-will-ever-have-to-see dance moves.

So yes, I was excited.

Of course, that excitement was tempered immediately after the lottery returned from commercial to show that the Sixers would be selecting third, or right where I thought they’d be picking.

I wasn’t dissapointed, more relieved it was over and they have a chance to get one of Wiggins. Parker or Embiid.

The real outrage or frustration was when Cleveland improbably won the damn thing again.

I would’ve rather almost the Lakers or Celtics “won” the lottery rather than seeing Cleveland get rewarded for the third time in four years. If there’s ever a reason for a new draft system. it’s not just tanking, it’s the fact a team can win the No.1 pick so often.

The Sixers are going to get two very good players in this draft if they simply stay at 3 and 10. Of course, if Hinkie goes on another trading spree, it’s likely the Sixers could come away with even more.

The combinations of players I want the Sixers to come away with are endless; after June 26 is over I seriously doubt I’ll be hating their haul.

While Wiggins is still my preferred choice, I won’t be mad with either Parker or Embiid (who I’m slowly becoming more in favor of the more I read about him).

Then, I would really like to see the Sixers come away with one of the three power forwards Julius Randle. Noah Vonleh, or Aaron Gordon.

Gordon would be preferable if they drafted Parker, because he has elite defensive abilities and could probably make up for Parker’s deficiencies.

Likewise, if the Sixers get Wiggins, then Randle would probably be the best compliment because he’s more NBA ready and would give more consistency and Wiggins continues to work on his offensive game.

Still we’re a loooooong way off.

To come away with any sort of these combinations the Sixers will likely have to move into the top 7, something not out of the realm of reality as How Roseman would say.

The conjecture is only just beginning and with exactly a month until the draft, there will probably be countless rumors of Wiggins. Parker, or Embiid going in the first slot.

Thankfully from my vantage point, it appears the Sixers really can’t lose no matter how it all shakes out.


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