Eagles Select Louisville Linebacker Marcus Smith

Ummm. Ok?

Pretty much everyone’s reaction to them taking the linebacker/defensive end from Louisville last night.

Smith seems like a promising prospect, one that has the qualities of what Chip looks for, but not one expected in the first round. My whole belief heading into the draft all along was take best defensive player available in round one and if Smith is the guy, so be it. But I’m still a bit puzzled by the selection, as are most fans.

It feels like a reach to me, but I really hope I’m wrong. I’ve never seen him play and only have read a decent bit about him in the pre-draft coverage.   I’m still pretty dissapointed they didn’t move up a couple of slots and take Clinton-Dix and they possibly could have if they had their normal allotment of 7-8 picks.

MY takeaway from last night though was this: If the Eagles really wanted Clinton-Dix or Marqise Lee they would’ve taken them. End of story.

I was pleased that they traded down and got an extra third from the Browns, who must have thought the Vikings were going to try to grab Manziel. Otherwise, why waste a third to move up four spots? Somewhat bizarre.

Ultimately, it seems like Smith is a solid prospect and has the potential to be a good pass rusher in time, which is something the Eagles really need, so I’ll talk myself into liking the pick in time.

View his highlights below.  Welcome to Philadelphia Marcus Smith!



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