NFL Draft Day is Finally Here


The wait and anticipation of this year’s draft has been just too much. Unfortuntely, that’s exactly what the NFL wants to hear.

Regardless of the NFL’s silly ploy for extra revenue and attention, I still love the draft. It’s one of the my favorite days on the sports calendar and the fact there is still no clear pick at the number one overall spot and more importantly to me, at No.22 where a certain team that dons awesome Kelly Green  midnight green uniforms resides.

Last night, while running through the draft possibilities for the semmingly ten billionth time, I finally discovered my dream draft sceneario.

Snag Ha Ha Clinton-Dix at 22 and hopefully secure the backend of the secondary for the next decade plus.

Then, trade second and third round picks in this year’s draft to the fat guy in the red suit in Kansas City(I still like Andy Reid, but couldn’t pass up that description) for the 23rd overall pick and take Marqise Lee.

Yes. you’ll lose the opportunity to build depth, but I’m also assuming the Eagles will move Brandon Graham or Vinny Curry for later round picks to get a draft pick back.

Of course the problem with that scenario is that it’s unlikely Clinton-Dix falls to 22 and I don’t think the Chiefs would move back so far and pass up a talent like Lee if available.

Realistically the name that’s been stuck in my head for weeks now has been Virginia Tech corner Kyle Fuller and I’d be fine with that, as he’s versatile and is very good in coverage, even if he’s not a turnover forcing machine.

Honestly, I think my ideal preference for this draft is just take the best defensive player available in round one and then take a wide receiver in round two. Don’t really care what they choose to do in the later rounds.

Oh, and before I forget and am fined by the NFL for not mentioning Johnathan Football, I think he’ll be a good pro, but no way should the Eagles draft him.

The Eagles have produced two solid drafts in a row and hopefully they can make it three. There’s a part of me that thinks they have something big up their sleeves, but with only six picks a major trade up just doesn’t seem feasible.

The one thing I do know is that I’m beyond relieved that I can stop looking at mock drafts and experience the real thing finally.



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