Personal Post: A New Start

Not that I was posting content excessively before, but I have a decent excuse for my lack of posting.

Today marked the start of my third week at AccuWeather, and it’s been a really exciting and educational start for me. Working from home was great for a variety of factors, convenience, cost etc, but moving out and working for a world-renowned company such as AccuWeather is a game changer and has been the fresh start I’ve coveted. It just feels great to be apart of such a knowledgeable staff, and I’m grateful to contribute in any manner.

It feels great to be back in State College as well. It’s a super place to start a career, plus I’m very familiar with the area so the only major transition has been getting used to the assignments at AccuWeather. Visiting PSU for weekends the past two years, just didn’t feel the same as it did when I was a student.

I’m pretty much getting settled in to my new job and new/old home. I’m going to hold myself accountable to a few posts about the very important Eagles draft and the Sixers monumental Draft Lottery. If the Flyers keep their run going in the playoffs I’ll try to add some thoughts there as well. I definitely want to keep working on my baseball trip memories as well.

Phillies talk will be nonexistent as I don’t get the chance to watch unfortunately. Although if I do get MLBTV maybe I’ll start writing a couple of posts.

PSU Football is another thing I probably won’t be writing about until the season starts but I’ll say this. I LOVE the start James Franklin has put together for the 2015 recruiting class. It’s really nice to have such an energetic and top-notch recruiter at the helm. Probably the first time in my PSU-rooting life.

Point is, even though I write about weather now (and It’s actually much more intriguing and fun than I ever thought it could be) I still enjoy writing my thoughts (HENCE THE URL) about sports especially the never-ending saga that is Philly sports.

Look for more soon.



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