The Release of Desean Jackson

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Man, three days after the fact, and it’s still hard to process. In fact, the whole thing is so perplexing that I’m done trying to make sense of it all.

Alleged ties to gang members. The mysterious robbery at his house. Skipping his exit meeting. Not having a good relationship with Chip. Too much Instagramming.  The list of alleged reasons for cutting Jackson goes on and on.

I’m not going to try to figure out whether or not this was a good or bad move by the Eagles to outright release their 27-year-old pro bowl wide receiver, or why they did it, because only time will tell.

I’m just going to reflect on Jackson’s term in Philly from what I’ll remember most.

One of the most electrifying athletes to ever watch in Philadelphia.  It was a blast too watch him run on the football field. Even if he left you scratching your head sometimes.  Athletes with his talent don’t come around too often, let alone in Philly.

Loved having him on the field, knowing he was such a threat to scored a TD at any time. Loved his swagger. Sometimes he got too carried away and acted like kind of a dope, but hey, he was our dope!

He may not have been the complete talent that a Calvin Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald is, but he was absolutely one of the best receivers in the game. I mean, to get by on largely one elite skill,speed, is truly remarkable in today’s NFL where virtually every defensive player was bigger and stronger than he was.

Basically he was a diva, like so many other Pro Bowl caliber talents in the league. But he never seemed to get in trouble off the field, which made this whole situation so bizarre. Basically in my mind, as long as you make plays and stay out of trouble off the field, I’m fine with you acting like a diva.

His skills seemed like a match made in heaven for Chip Kelly’s offense. Or was Chip Kelly’s offense a match made in heaver for DeSean? That’s what we’re about to find out, when the Eagles draft a receiver in the first or second round of the draft.

I will miss DeSean, and I hate that he’s probably going to sign with the Redskins and burn the Eagles for two games for however many seasons in the future.

Below are some of my favorite DeSean moments from his time as an Eagle. These videos are the best way to properly eulogize such a phenomenal talent. Thanks for the memories DJax.

This play just showcased what silly speed he had. The falling backwards into the endzone dance was hilarious, if not a bit over the top. But like I said, he had amazing swagger, but was also a dope.

DOES THIS LOOK LIKE SOMEONE WHO IS A CRIMINAL TO YOU!!?! Sorry, need to regain composure. I didn’t say all my favorite moments would be from the football field. Thought this was great of DeSean, along with Todd Herremans and Jamaal Jackson to go and support this young kid who was bullied.

Enough said.


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