House of Cards Season Two


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I finished House of Cards Season Two in about a week. Watched four episodes the first weekend it came out and somehow squeezed in nine the following weekend.

I was going to wait a little longer to start, but after the internet was buzzing about something big happening in episode one, I couldn’t risk getting spoiled and just started watching.

*There’s good and bad with Netflix shows. Good: You can watch at your own pace(aka binging to most people) Bad: if you’re someone who likes to take there time while also frequent the internet(most people) then there’s a good chance the show will get spoiled. 

And what a true holy shit moment it was.  I never would’ve expected something like that too happen especially in a political drama.  The show definitely went pretty far in season one showing how crazy power hungry Frank Underwood was, but pushing Zoe in front of a train topped everything from season 1.

But to be honest, that moment may have been a slight detriment for the rest of season two. With Zoe and her journalist colleagues out of the picture, the show definitely lost an interesting element that kept me interested in season one. I wanted to see how these reporters were going to try to bring down Underwood. Now, for the most part, Frank has seemingly won.

I’m guessing Hamerschmidt and Janine will enter the picture again at some point, but it’s unlikely for Lucas since he’s in jail for an extended period of time.

Plus I was probably expecting each episode to have a huge moment like that, and often they did not. It was just the typical political maneuvering/backstabbing by Frank and Tusk.

I also liked how they stuck to China as the main political story throughout the season.  Yes, they dealt with entitlement reform in the first couple episodes but China was the larger story. Obviously, they did that because of the backstory with Fang and Tusk and the scandal that would come out, but I thought it was interesting to see co

Now that Frank has ascended to the Presidency, who serves as a threat to expose him? The hacker guy? Rachel?  Will be interesting to see what new developments those two characters take.

I’ve watched a lot of TV shows in the last couple of years, all with dominant alpha male protagonists. Yet Frank is the only one I actively root against. I’ve never liked Frank even from the first episode. Maybe its his annoying southern twang, or the way he continues to outsmart his rivals.

The show is called House of Cards and anyone who’s ever heard the phrase before knows what it means. Frank’s downfall is coming and ultimately, it’s what’s keeping me watching.

Some other thoughts:

  • Don’t trust this Seth dude at all. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a different endgame revealed for him in season 3.
  • Stamper is dead right?  I guess I wouldn’t be surprised if he was just knocked out cold, but the last image we see of him doesn’t look good at all.
  • Don’t think that’s the last we see of Rachel, but if it is, good for her to beat the hell out of Doug. He was really creepy this season, making her read to him and the way he controlled her.
  • Don’t care about the Remy-Jackie Sharp relationship.Obviously it had its significance with each working working for Tusk or Frank, but now that its over, don’t want to see any lingering fallout from their romance in future episodes.
  • Claire. Cold-hearted b-word. Last season I had some slight empathy for her, but after the way she tried to ruin Adam and his fiance, I’m rooting for her downfall as equally as Frank’s.  No one felt sorry for you when you were crying on your stairs Claire!
  • Loved the scenes with Jimmi Simpson, the hacker guy and Mcpoyle from Always Sunny.  That storyline with The Deep Web and the Cyberterrorism was probably my favorite part of season 2.

Overall I’ll give this season a B. Was gonna give it a B- but that would probably be too unfair. The show definitely kept me interested, even if it didn’t “wow” me with jaw-dropping moments in episode one. And they way it ended, it definitely leaves a lot to look forward to now that Frank has the Oval Office.


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