Super Bowl 48 Prediction

super bowl 48The most bittersweet sports day of the year is finally here! Super Bowl Sunday, the biggest showcase in American sports is back with a terrific matchup between the two top teams in the NFL. Other than having the Eagles in the game, I don’t think I could be more excited.

So what’s the problem?

No meaningful football games for seven months after today.

Talk about a first-world problem. Anyway, let’s save the angst for Monday morning and just focus on today’s showdown. After all, between the draft and free agency, the NFL truly doesn’t stop.

So on to Super Bowl 48(screw Roman numerals)

Seahawks vs. Broncos: The Pick: Broncos -2.5 

I’ve picked against the Seahawks all season, and they’ve proved me wrong. Yet, I’m gonna pick against them today one more time.

Why?  Peyton Manning. It’s been his year since the beginning of the season when he routed the Ravens with 7 touchdown passes. As good as that Seattle secondary is, Manning’s had two weeks to prepare and I’m sure he’ll find ways to exploit them with his ridiculous array of receiving talent.

One of the reasons I’ve been down on the Sehawks is, I basically thought they were missing a piece or two on offense. Percy Harvin’s back, but at what capacity?  I think the Broncos, even though they’ve had big injuries on defense(Von Miller, Chris Harris) have been playing pretty well on defense. I think they can definitely contain Marshawn Lynch and force Russell WIlson to beat them.

And if this game does turn into a quarterback duel, you gotta go with Peyton right?

A couple of other key factors heading into the game.

  • This game isn’t being played in Seattle.

BREAKING NEWS!  In all seriousness, as much as we talk about the Seahawks homefield advantage, that is a legit thing. Playing on a neutral site, takes that away from the Hawks and if things don’t go their way early (as it did early in the NFC title game) they might not be able to recover.

  • Allow me to be the last to inform you that this is the first-ever outdoor cold weather Super Bowl.

With weather in the lows 40s and high 30s, its nothing new for either team. Much has been discussed about Peyton Manning’s “ducks” but the relatively warm weather should mean its all systems go for that high-powered Bronco offense.

  • Manning’s Motivation

I personally think it definitely bothers Peyton that his younger(and subpar) brother has two titles to his one. Plus, he’s heard the critics continuously mention that for a player of his caliber, one just isn’t good enough if he wants to be considered the greatest of all time.

If he wins today he’ll have two rings, three appearances and be one of only three quarterbacks in NFL history to take two teams to the Super Bowl. Basically if the Broncos win, I’m pretty cool with declaring him the best to ever play the position.

** Other highly-motivated Broncos: Champ Bailey and Wes Welker.  Bailey’s been in the league for 15 seasons now and this is his first (and possibly last) chance.  Nothing more needs to be said there.

Welker suffered two tremendously painful losses to the Giants while a member of the Patriots. And he dropped a crucial pass that could have won Super Bowl 46 for the Pats. I’m thinking third time’s the charm for Wes.

If the Broncos pull this thing out, I like one of those three to be the MVP.

  • No one on the Seahawks has been in a Super Bowl before

This Seahawks team is very young and extremely talented, meaning we probably will be seeing them (and everyone’s favorite cornerback) in big playoff games for years to come.

Yet, there is still something to be said for being ready and being ready for a Super Bowl. Russell Wilson may be the most-poised younger quarterback in the history of the game, but the magnitude of the Super Bowl stage might be too big even for him.

As I mentioned before, they got behind early to the 49ers, in part to a fumble by Wilson on the first play. The 49ers let them off the hook in that game.  I don’t think Denver will.

There you have it. Now let’s just sit back and enjoy. Enjoy your delightfully unhealthy food, your preposterous prop bets, ludicrously long pregame shows, frequent trips to the bathroom, the Bruno Mars/Red Hot Chili Peppers halftime show(Huh?) hilarious(ly bad) commercials and watching grown men moving at high rates of speed frequently collide with each other.

The Super Bowl!

Broncos 28-21


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