NFL Divisional Round Picks – Saturday Games

Real busy following the James Frankin hire and getting some content updated for, so I’m gonna make these picks quick.

Saints at Seahawks  The Pick: Saints +9.5 (Saints Outright)

Here’s my upset pick of the weekend. Simply put, the Saints were embarrassed in the Monday Night game in early December.  They also remember that playoff loss in Seattle three years ago. So revenge is on their mind. The Saints proved they could run the ball effectively in their win over the Eagles last Saturday and that should help in the messy conditions today.

The Seahawks have been smelling themselves all year and while they’re a good team, they’ve never won anything significant. Plus that loss to Arizona showed they can be beaten at home.  I think their overconfidence comes back to bite them today.

Gimme Drew Brees and Sean Payton as they continue their “nobody thinks we can win on the road, so we’ll show you tour.”

27-23 Saints.

Colts at Patriots  The Pick:  Patriots -7

I’ve been wrong on the Patriots a lot this year, so I know better than to go against them, especially in the playoffs. That Colts comeback was crazy last week, but I feel that was more of a collapse by Kansas City.

I like Andrew Luck, but the Colts are two inconsistent for my taste. Give me the Hoodie and the Golden Boy.

Patriots 31-21


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