NFL Wild Card Round Picks Sunday Edition

Damn, what a first day of NFL playoff action. While I’m still not completely over that tough Eagles loss, and won’t be for some time, at least I’m not a Chiefs fan. Yikes what a monumental disaster. Blowing a 38-10 lead early in the third quarter will never go away for that team and fanbase and it’s definitely deserving of this front page.

Having said that, Andrew Luck is a wizard and I am not looking forward to the Eagles facing the Colts next season.  The guy is never out of a game and can make ridiculous plays like this.

If I’m New England, I know you don’t care who you face, but you gotta be slightly rooting for Cincinnati to win today so Luck does’t come to town next Saturday night right?

I’ll mention the Eagles loss more in my end of year recaps, but I’ll say this. I told you the cold wouldn’t bother the Saints, and a lot of other people felt the same way. Let’s never mention that again. I don’t care what the numbers are for dome teams coming outdoors in the playoffs.

What I didn’t expect was for the Saints to run the ball like they did. That was why they won the game ultimately because Drew Brees certainly was not at his best last night. Anyways, kudos to them. I think they have a real shot to get revenge on Seattle next week.

With those tough two losses, I went 0-2 myself yesterday. Let’s see if I can pull out at least a split today.

San Diego at Cincinnati The Pick: Chargers +7

I’ll make this simple, the Chargers beat the Eagles in their home opener this year and until this sily streak/trend whatever you want to call it is over, I’m not going against it. Plus, the way the Chargers got in the playoffs was so ridiculous, there’s no way they don’t win at least one game.

Plus, Rivers>>Dalton.

Not exactly great football logic and reasoning in that pick, but sometimes it doesn’t matter when picking playoff games. How could anyone predict what happened in the Chiefs-Colts game yesterday.

49ers at Packers  The Pick: 49ers -3

Yes. The game I’ve been looking forward to the most (after Saints-Eagles obviously) if for no other reason than to watch the players and fans at Lambeau turn into icicles midway through the second quarter.

A high of 6 degrees with a low of -22!

Rodgers is back and that makes the Packers very dangerous. Yet, this isn’t the Bears defense he’s facing this week.

This was a high-scoring matchup in week one but shouldn’t be as high scoring this week. Look for both teams to use the run and grind out long drives.

Going with the 49ers because they have the better defense (their linebacking core is awesome) and should be able to stop Eddie Lacy.

They’ll ride Frank Gore on offense and Kaepernick, who had a dynamic postseason last year, should be able to lead the team up and down the field unless the cold severely affects him. When he does look to throw, I like the 49ers weapons (Anquan Boldin, Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree) better than the Packers weapons (Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb and Andrew Quarless).


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